Timing Plazma, MAG-10 and PWO Meal


I have a question about the solid post-workout meal what I normally take30 min after workout. But then I not hungry at all and have also not so much time to eat. Yet I think on the new below meal schedule. What do you think of it?

5:00 Wake Up

5:45 Starting to drink 1/3 of 3 servings Plazma (leg days 4 servings).

6:00 Start training drink the other 2/3 of the Plazma

7:30 End of training 1 serving MAG-10

8:00 Start work (desk job): Green tea with 1 tablespoon extra vergin cocos oil

10:00 1 serving of MAG-10

12:00 550 grams grass fed beef, nuts and veggies

14:00 10 gram BCAA

16:00 100 grams Casein with 1 tablespoon almond butter. (LAST MEAL)

Is the first solid meal to late or can I do so?

I try to gain slowly lean muscle mass!

Thank you, Mike

If using a pre-load serving of Plazma, then two serving during training (basically, following the label directions) you can wait an hour before having Mag-10 post-workout, then eat an hour after that or so. Adding pure fat (coconut oil) right after training is not the best time and it could interfere with your Mag-10.

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