Timing of These Supplements Periworkout


How would you space out the consumption of these products if a workout was scheduled at 4:00pm? I’m looking for an almost exact breakdown by minutes.
Brain candy

This is a hypothetical question (I don’t have all of these supplements yet, just most of them). Assume that I will be using a total of two servings of Plazma in this window and two FINiBARs.

If some of these don’t fit in the peri workout window, when would be a good time to take them?

This will help me loads in the future.
Thank you very much in advance.


I hate to say “follow the directions on the labels” but that’s pretty much the answer. Is there something specific you’re unsure of?

By the way, if you don’t have all of these supplements on hand, the label directions can be viewed for each at the Biotest store.

Creatine can be added to one of your Plazma serving, by the way. It’s a great delivery mechanism for it.

Aso, Finibars can be eaten any time, but most prefer them an hour or so before training.


I know how to space the Indigo and Plazma before a workout, but am unsure when to eat the Finibar and when to take the Brain Candy. Should I take the Brain Candy for a mental boost, then some Indigo 15 mins later, wait 30 mins, eat the FInibar, wait 30 mins, drink forst does of PLAZMA with creatine, wait 15 mins, and train while drinking the next dose?

Also, is it beneficial to eat a Finibar post workout to replenish glycogen stores, or is that already taken care of by Plazma? If eating a Finibar after the workout is a good idea, could I eat it with MAG-10 an hour later or would you separate those two, eating the Finibar sooner and drinking MAG-10 later?

These questions were mainly what I was seeking to solve.

Thank you.


Brain Candy is best used in the AM on an empty stomach. The effects last most of the day. You can use it at other times if you’d like of course, like just before a workout. Just don’t use it too late in the day.

Your Plazma schedule looks good. You may want to eat the Finibar a little earlier but no big deal.

Either method is fine post-workout. Ideally, when you’re using Plazma during training, wait about an hour then have a pulse of MAG-10. Soon after that (Mag-10 gets “in you” very rapidly), have the Finibar, which does make for a good solid food meal after training, even though it’s made mainly for pre-workout or pre-competition. When you’re on Indigo-3G, Finibars are fine any time to help you bump up the quality carbs.

Hope that helps!


Thank you very much, that helped a lot!


On off days I take the Creatin first thing in the morning.
I ordered Brain Candy for the first time.
Can this be drunk immediately after the Creatin (with water)? Or better the other way round (BC first)?


You probably can, but with Brain Candy being best consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, I would probably save the creatine for the peri-workout period.