Timing of Indigo While on 2x Loading Phase

I am a couple weeks into I3G, so doing two doses a day. I wonder about the timing of the first dose. I normally have a relatively light lunch (raw veggies and Greek yogurt spiked with whey protein powder and various seeds) around noon to one, then have my weight workout around 3:00 in the afternoon.

Would you advise having the I3G dose a half hour before my lunch, or wait and have it a half hour before my weight workout (and thus 15 minutes before beginning a Plazma pre-load)?

So far I have been taking the first I3G dose around 11:30, assuming it should still be very effective for my 3:00 weight workout and cover both my lunch and the Plazma loading boost (since I3G is said to work in the system for about six hours). Then around 7:30 or so I take the second dose a half hour before dinner.

On the other hand, much has been written here about the benefits of taking I3G just before a workout, especially in conjunction with Plazma loading. But if I wait and take the first I3G dose around 2:30 to maximize its effectiveness with the Plazma and the workout, then it’s only about five hours until the second dose, so there is a bit of an overlap, and I would guess it would do little or nothing regarding repartitioning lunch carbs.

Which timing schedule for the first dose would you recommend in my situation? If it matters, I also usually do a MAG-10 dose mid-morning and again immediately after my workout. Thanks for any help or advice anyone can offer!

Keep in mind that when you’re on full-dose <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G, you’re really “covered” all day. While it’s in the blood for 6 hours, the actually effects of one dose can last for many more. And remember the long-term “fixing” Indigo-3G can have on the body: even after you quit, most people can still see the effects since nutrient uptake mechanisms and dysfunctional fat cells have been repaired, so to speak.

So in other words, it’s hard to mess it up or not get the full benefits. But ideally, yes, pre-workout is best if you’re using Plazma. The small amount of overlap is perfectly fine. Another option would be to take the first serving pre-breakfast, then the second pre-workout. And your breakfast serving will likely “cover” lunch just fine.

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