Timing of HSM

Hi there. I started the V-Diet yesterday. It was a bit rough, but only because my timing was a bit off with meals lunch late and then dinner super late. I just had my bedtime shake with my HSM because I needed to get my rear in bed so I could get up early and run an errand before my 6:00 am workout. I had my first shake at around 4:00 am this morning. Had Plazma before and during my workout and then around 7:30 am I had another half shake (so just one scoop of Metabolic Drive instead of two). For lunch I had a full shake and I’m planning on mixing up the other half of my shake for my afternoon snack, so I can eat an HSM for dinner and then bedtime shake more spaced out. OKAY enough dialogue.

For the question…since I have my workouts in the morning, typically MWF at 6:00am would it be okay to have my HSM for lunch instead of dinner, at least on work-out days?

Also…this morning when I mixed my Plazma got lots of foam, which I understand is to be expected, however, I think since I received a huge bottle that contributed some to the foam factor…when I added the flavor it didn’t do too much to reduce the foam…so can I mix this in another bottle, or is there a smaller bottle I can get?

Thank you so much for you help.

  1. Yes, that’s fine. Most people prefer an evening HSM, but it makes no difference in the diet itself if you choose to have it for lunch.

  2. Not sure of the size of the bottle makes a difference, but the Biotest store does offer some other sizes on this page:

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