Timing My Indigo with my Workout and Supplements

Hello- This seems to be a common question and I have read many posts, but still would like advice from the experts…

I just purchased my first 2 bottles of Indigo and am trying to figure out the best time to take it. I try to follow all the basics. This is my schedule 4 to 5 days a week, and it has been working well-

-Breakfast with metamucil and creatine
-Lunch with fermented kraut. Take my Micro-PA
-40 min later begin dose or two of Plazma and take two Green Tea/Fat Bruner pills for pre-workout energy (400mg of 50% EGCG with 160 mg of caffeine and other antioxidants and vitality boosters).
-An hour after taking Micro-PA begin hour to two of 5/3/1 with accessory work
-Hour later a dose of Mag-10
-Hour or two after Mag-10 is dinner. I take Curcumin, Magnesium, Iodine, and another metamucil drink with dinner.
-Snack before bed
-Flameout at bedtime and apple cider vinegar

I am not tracking macros right now. I did for a few years and know where I am at. I eat a good amount of carbs and protein and since taking Micro-PA, I have been increasing my weight, muscle, and PR’s.

Because of my routine and the instructions on Indigo I think it will be challenging to take it prior to work out, but I could take it a half hour before lunch. I am worried that the Green tea will interfere, and that by dinner and night snack, it will have worn off.

My initial plan is to instead take it everyday 1/2 hour before dinner even during work out days. That way it will be in my system for the biggest meals and post-work out recovery. But, I want to maximize the effect.

What do you think?

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