Timing Indigo 3G with My Schedule

I need some help in making sure I’m going to be doing the timing right.

I wake up around 3am, start work at 5am, and finish my shift at 1:30pm. Jiu-jitsu starts at 6pm and goes till 7:30pm ( easily my most challenging workouts, followed by resistance training ).

The plan is to
-Take I3G @ 3:30pm
-Eat dinner @ 4pm, which will also be sort of my pre-workout
-Jiu-jitsu @ 6pm
-Postworkout shake shortly after Jits
-Home by 8pm
-In bed by 9pm

I know that only gives me a 6 hour block of sleep, but plenty of nights after work, I have my 9 month old daughter with me, until I leave for Jits. Also I just read an article on Melatonin and I heard it interferes with insulin sensitivity. Should I take the melatonin with my post workout shake? and should the shake be absent of carbs?

Thanks in advance for helping me figure all this stuff out. This week i’m seeing if I can fit in all the extra required classes to compete in a tournament ( Coach requires attending 4 classes a week minimum ).

The easiest thing to remember is that one serving of <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G is “in you” and doing its thing for at least 6 hours. So the window is very large. You’re “covered” pretty much the rest of the evening with your schedule.

I haven’t read that about melatonin myself, but look into <a href=""target=“new”>Z-12. Far superior to melatonin, no side effects.

Lastly, you may want to upgrade your workout nutrition. Pre- and Intra-workout nutrition is more beneficial than post. Normally, we’d recommend Plazma, the elite level version of workout nutrition. But given the mixed type of training you do, the new formula of <a href=""target=“new”>Surge Workout Fuel may better fit your needs.

I have decent sized stash of protein powder, but I eventually would like to replace it with plazma and mag10. Just need to consumer the old stuff first to get my money’s worth. But i’ve known hydrolyzed casein is the top of the game for a while, and have heard good things about cyclodextrin carbs.

I did not know that about the I3G, the 6 hour lasting effect, but good to know. Actually I think i’ll take it earlier in the day.

I did get two bottles of the “Elite Pro Mineral”. I sweat so much that many times my Gi is actually close to being drenched. The workout really feels like i’m wringing out a wash rag full of water, the rag being my body, and the water being my sweat. The next day my hunger seems twice what it usually is, and I tend to eat more carbs.

Z12, Lol, once I run out of the bottle of cheap zma I bought at Target, i’ll switch over. Time to start treating my body to higher quallity. And Surge, I will check that out right now. Thanks Chris!

I had an abrupt change to my work schedule, throwing off everything. I probably will not be able to compete next month, but I nonetheless I want to keep training hard. Okay so now I am on a temporary schedule to help out 2nd shift, these are my new hours: Shift start time- 1:30pm to 10:00pm. I will still be training BJJ during the week, up to 4 times. Anyone please review my schedule and see if this looks okay.

9:00am- Wake up
Acidophiles empty stomach

9:30am IG3

10:00am Plazma ( I’ll be buying as soon as I use up all my old protein powder )

10:30am Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Plazma during water break
12:00pm Mag10 postworkout, plus various anti-oxidant supplements

12:45pm Meal one- B-complex, digestive enzymes, fish oil, joint supplement

1:30pm Start of work shift
Protein Shake ( i’m usually a tad bit hungry still after my first meal

4:00pm Meal two- enzymes, fish oil

6:30pm Protein Shake ( btw, I usually use Beverly’s Ultimate Muscle Protein )

8:00pm Meal three- fish oil

10:00pm End of work shift

10:30pm Protein Shake
Some weeknights I’m going to be hitting up LA Fitness for a 2nd
workout consisting of cardio, weights, sometimes swimming, and
the sauna

11:30pm End workout
Commute home

12:00am Arrive at home

12:30am Elite Minerals

1:00am Acidophiles
Sleep till 9am ( 8 hours )

I know there is a span of time at night where I am going without food, but I’m reasoning that the supplements I need to take require an empty stomach ( for best absorption ), and I want to create a kind of long fasting protocol. I will be eating most of my carbs on the day’s I train, and it will be pretty healthy. I figure that a good clean diet coupled with my training should help me get back into shape. And being back on 2nd shift I am more able to get the proper amount of sleep I need, and I’ve completely focused on rest and recovery this time around.

The Biotest supplement schedule looks good.

Okay… I think I am going to make a Indigo 3G a life long supplement. I have a family history of diabetes, and my midsection is big. I hear the bigger the waistline, the more you are at risk to develop diabetes. Although I am not diabetic, I want to eliminate as much of a possibility of developing it. So besides vastly eliminating sweets from my diet, I want to shrink my midsection and lose a lot of weight.

Currently the diet I follow is pretty healthy, and my resistance program and martial arts take care of the physical aspect. I do though have some questions regarding I3G.

-Is it a good idea to take this as a daily supplement, long term?
-Lets say I reach a healthy weight, do you keep taking I3G?
-Is adding Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement capsules ( taken after meals ) okay to use while taking I3G?
-And is it normal to get slightly light headed after taking this? I experience it a little bit if I wait too long to eat, after dosing.

I’ve lost more than 10lbs since I last posted here, and my blood pressure went from 140/100 to 124/82. I’m feeling much better overall, and my performance in the gym/mats are getting better. Obviously I’ve only just begun, and I want to further increase my health, so I expect to see my BP drop even further, as well as my weight. And I’m looking forward to trying the other Biotest products to better my health in general.

  1. It’s perfectly fine to do so. (I’ve been on it 3 years at least.)

  2. You can if you want.

  3. That’s fine.

  4. Eat sooner after taking Indigo-3G. And include some healthy carbs.

I wated to give an update and ask a question. Okay so update first. After some derailment of working out consistently, whether it was going to the Gym or Dojo, I have dropped a lot of weight!!! I did make an effort to walk more at work and take the stairs more often, plus clean up my diet big time. And all this new weight loss has occurred over the busy and stressful holiday season. My cravings for carbs and sugar has dropped almost entirely ( almost ), and the hypoglycemic feeling I used to get is almost all gone. Like I said, I’m making this a life long supplement.

Okay now the question. I am finding myself goin back to the gym on a regular basis ( first week back really), but instead of going in the morning, I’m going at night after I get off work. I’m also very weak compared to how strong I was a few years back, but this is mainly due to a 2 year hiatus from resistance excercise. I’m Loving the feeling of going back even though it’s very painful. I’m Always the most sore after a long layoff. I want to know though, is it better to start my day lifting before work, or is it better after work?

I’m Now very motivated to get in really good shape and I want to get the most out of revving my metabolism. By the by, still on swing shift and I eat dinner around 7pm ( taking I3G at 6:30pm ) and then training at about 11pm. I have a shake after training and asleep by 3am.

One time isn’t particularly better than another time, as long as you you can schedule appropriate food and sleep. For example, if someone has the option of AM vs. PM workouts but AM workouts mean they do it fasted or nearly so, then PM is better.

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