Timing Indigo-3G with Current Diet

Hey guys, just made another purchase with a few bottles of Indigo-3G as well as some Plazma as its been awhile so I wanted to give it another go.

I still have some Indigo-3G with me so I just wanted to know the general consensus on when would be the best time for me to take it given how I structure my meals. I will be taking it pre-workout with my Plazma once it arrives obviously.

Until then, my diet looks like:

830am: Meat and nuts breakfast.
11am: 6oz Tilapia/Cod/Basa with 6oz white rice and asparagus.
1230pm: Workout
230pm: Post workout: 6oz chicken breast, 6oz sweet potatoes, broccoli.
530pm: 50g oats, 2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites and a grapefruit.
830pm: 6oz tilapia/cod/basa with 6oz white rice and asparagus.
1030-11pm: 6oz chicken breast, 6oz white rice and asparagus.

Now I know Indigo-3G is “doing its thing” for about 6 hours after ingestion. So I was just wondering if until my Plazma arrives would it be best served right before my pre-workout meal, or save it until post workout and have enough time to absorb my last 3-4 meals.

Thanks in advance.

I’d personally take it before your pre workout meal to optimize nutrient partitioning for your workout until you get Plazma.

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