Timing For Supplements/Food w/ Early AM Workout

I workout first thing in the morning. Currently, I wake up and immediately take Indigo-3G, Micro-PA, a Finibar, and Mag-10. Then, I wait 45 min and start drinking Plazma before my workout.

Since this is first thing in the morning, what should I do after my weight workouts: eat a meal, drink Metabolic Drive, or take another serving of Mag-10 (or none of the above and wait until my mid-morning snack/shake)?


I’d have another serving of Mag-10 45 minutes to an hour after your workout, followed by your mid-morning an hour or so later (or whatever works for your schedule).

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What about this scenario: I wake up, do NEPA for 30 min, then my weight workout. How do you structure food an supplements around that?

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