Timing for Micro-PA and Indigo?

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I took MicroPA and Indigo3G once before and loved them both, just ordered 2 more bottles…I have tried searching these forums and have found some helpful info, i just want to make sure i do this right.

I workout at 7pm for 1.5 hrs…I usually eat a preworkout meal about 5:45 or so. On what schedule would I consume both of these for the optimum effects? does the rest of my daily schedule hold any importance?

Thanks in advance.

Basically just follow the label directions. But since <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G is active in the blood for at least 6 hours, you could take it before the 5:45 meal and it would still be doing its thing throughout the workout and even the post-workout meal.

Indigo-3G says 30 min prior to taking supplements…does that mean 30 min prior to Micro-PA or just Plazma?

Schedule Example:
3:30 Indigo-3G
4:00 Micro-PA
5:00 Start Plazma
Workout from 5-6:00 PM
7:00 Take MAG-10

No, 30 minutes before workout nutrition supplements, such as Plazma.

awesome,thanks for the quick response!

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