Time to Take the Plunge


Hello to all fellow V-Dieters.

I’m not a fan of posting and talking to random people about myself but reading through a lot of the material, looks like this really is part of the whole month and will help me from falling off the rails.

I’ve been involved in sport since 5. 15 years of competitive swimming and last 8 years of BJJ, lifting and a couple of years of some kettlebell work in there as well. I’m also slightly obsessed with weight and have been for a while. I also really love food and beer and wine :slight_smile: So last few years have really been a battle to balance all this out. There’s also never a perfect time to start and if I wait for the perfect time, I will never start.

Finally I am fed up with always doing things to 80%, or near enough good enough standard. For the amount of work and exercise I do, I really don’t see the results I want. I used to always blame it this or that but the only thing to blame is my lack of commitment and not being able to take things seriously enough to get the BEST possible result. So in a way this is an experiment to see if I can take this through to the end.

Still waiting for my powdered fuel to come as I live in Holland.

Weight: 82kg 180.4 lbs
Height:179 cm
Bodyfat: no idea there seems to be a lack of people with calipers in Holland but last time it was taken it was around 9% I guesstimate it is now somewhere around 15% maybe you can comment from the photos.

Ideal weight : Between 75 and 78 kg. 10 pounds of weight loss is the goal, anything more is bonus provided I am getting stronger and can actually stand. The other goal is to be able to actually see some abs…which I have never been able to do.

Photos added for extra motivation.

Will post more when the stuff is in the mail and kick off the diet.

A general question to anyone who cares to reply…how do you organise your shakes? If for example you are going away from home? 6 plastics bags with all your meals in them for the day?
Also, if I don’t have 24/7 access to a blender, does the stuff mix up OK with water only in a shaker?

Looking forward to this although let’s revisit a week after I start.