Time to Get REAL

I’m down with this…keep us posted.

The FIRST thing I did upon receiving all of the food last Thursday was to rig a binder with the essentials for charting my daily progress. For this I used the plans that were provided by the V-Diet workout page. I also created some extra charts for recording my meal times and physical activity. I will be taking this everywhere and writing down everything.

The suggestion was made in the primer of going out with a bang on a last meal before starting or choosing to lower carb intake. I chose the latter to lighten my diet and acclimate my digestion. I planned this several days before the materials arrived.


The next day I decided to weigh-in. This was a curious matter, because I had not weighed for some time. Just to be thorough, I’d like to say that the scale was registering a low power alarm for the battery. Mostly perhaps because I had not weighed-in for so long, I was surprised at my weight. However, thinking that the scale was so low it did not work properly was ruled out after several other people who were certain of their weight used it. I came in at 192.5lbs with a clean stomach.

I had already spent the rest of the week swimming each day. Because there was a swim-meet at the club, I did not perform any such exercise on Friday or Saturday (I spectated). I did however continue with modest running over the weekend and began straight away with the diet. I decided not to do the V-Burn Challenge on Saturday.

Sunday I relaxed for the most part, and had my HSM. It was actually a lot, and I also considered it a sort of big meal before the week started and I really got down to business Plenty of vegetables, lean chicken, egg white, black beans, homemade whole wheat bread, fruit. A bit of everything.

My initial thoughts on the food included “a lot to eat” and “delicious!” Someone mentioned that the Banana-flavored Metabolic Drive was good enough to live on, and despite disliking banana-flavored everything, I concur. The Superfood looks like rich soil from Mars, and I could eat it with sugar spoon. After spending time on this food over the weekend, I felt no hunger all together, and even had a tough time keeping up with how many shakes I was supposed to drink. Time to eat…again? The only time I really felt like eating was on Sunday’s home-cooked meal.

Today (Monday), after replacing the batteries on the scale, I weighed-in again. 188lbs. Each weigh-in will be after the morning void and before consuming anything but the glass of water I take with the HOT-ROX on an empty stomach.

Next reply will include activities for Monday and today (Tues), and measurements, if I can find my MyoTape already, and maybe a before picture or two.

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