Time to Get Back on Track...V-Diet!

Hey just wanted to say what’s up to all my fellow V-Dieters

I’m currently 217.2, and want to eventually get down 190. I did the V-DIET like two years ago and had amazing results (was down to 190). I kept the wait off for over a year, but then moved to abroad and kind of got off track with my diet/workouts.

I really need a solid push towards once again living healthy, so I think the V-DIET is exactly what I need.

Today was my first day, I feel great, with tons of energy. I’m pumped, can’t wait for tomorrow.

I’ll take some pics tomorrow to post my progress.

Welcome aboard and good luck in reaching your goals!

Good luck. But if you’ve already done this once before, luck isn’t what you need. Stay focused and keep us in the loop.

Thanks guys! I’m really excited to be doing this again. This time so far is much easier than the last round. Maybe just because I know what to expect.

Weight today: 213.4

I do not feel well. ugh…was feeling solid today up until about 3pm, then I just crashed. So so tired, and beyond that, really foggy mentally. I have a crazy head ache too. Anyone else had a similar experience?

Just gonna suck it up, hopefully tomorrow is better.

Welcome back , hope to follow your Log ones your Diets starts .

What is your Goal for your second run (except the getting back to 190lbs)?

Kind Regards AndreP

I had a monster headache one day last week (I think it was day 3 for me). A few hours later it passed. Like you said - just suck it up. This too shall pass.

Feeling a lot better today. I’m realizing that I think I’m probably suffering from a bit of Caffeine withdraw, which is making the head aches worse. Some green tea should help.

AndreP: Thanks for the welcome. My goal for this run really is to just really take advantage of the momentum coming off of the VDIET and make some PERMANENT changes to the way I eat and exercise. I’d like to get down between 180-185 eventually.

Weight Day 3: 211.4 (weight is coming off crazy fast so far, I’m assuming a lot of this is water weight).

Feeling even better today, slept really well.

I’ve been able to keep my cravings in check so far, which is great. People at my office are intentionally torturing me. Yesterday they ordered in Pizza, and either repeatedly asked me if I wanted a slice or just waived it in my face.

Had my second workout yesterday, I’ve been doing the beginner rather than the intermediate workouts. I’m thinking about switching to the intermediate next week.

Weight Day 4: 210.8

What’s up everyone? Happy Friday.

Almost 5 days down. I"m feeling great.

Weight Today: 210.4

Both low blood sugar and caffeine withdrawl will cause headaches . . . you’re likely suffering from both!


Yeah that makes sense CodeMonkey. It thankfully has gotten much better. Day 2 was really the worst, just aweful. But since, it hasn’t been bad at all.

Good luck this time round. I’ll be starting my 4th week on Monday. May I make a suggestion though? Stop weighing yourself every day. It’s ok in the first week when the weight drops off but after that any days where you don’t drop (or put on a pound) will drive you crazy.

Just stick to you’re weekly weigh ins!

Hey David good advice man, I was starting to drive myself nuts. I think I’ll just way myself every Friday before my solid meal.

Feeling really good today. Just about to start the VBurn challenge.

Weight Today: 209.4 (first time i’ve been under 210 in a really long time, i’m pumped!)

Wow the V-burn challenge freaking kicked my ass…wow

Day 10 Weight: 208.6

I can’t believe how superior this evolution of the diet is. When I did it the first time, I was plagued with head aches and dizziness pretty much every time I stand up.

From day 3 on I’ve felt phenomenal, with more energy than I normally have. I’ve also noticed that my gravings are very very manageable as compared to my last bout with the vdiet.

THANKS Biotest!

Good for you on the postive progess (mentally & physically). You’re out of single digit days!

Hey hadn’t been on for a while so I thought I’d update it. Today is day 15, so half way there. Been feeling generally really good with today as an exception (just really tired, long day at work)

Clothes are fitting so much better.

Day 15 Weight: 206.4

If I can break 200 with the second half of the diet I’ll be thrilled. I don’t think it should be a problem. After which I vow never to let myself pass 200 again.

I’m thinking with the two week transition, and continued healthy eating, I should be able to break 190 by November.

Day 23

Haven’t been on for a while, but still been holding strong. I feel so good. I’m so excited to start the transition off next week. I’m thinking of doing two weeks with just one solid meal a day. Thoughts?

Weight: 202.8, so I’m down almost 15 pounds, I think I’ll definitely make my goal of getting under 200.

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