Time to Do Something Dramatic


Shugart has an article about two types of people: those who train like maniacs and ignore their diets and those who have every potion known to man and don’t really train. I’m in the first camp.

I never quit lifting after high school, but Iâ??m one of those guys who did the same shit for like a decade and a half. Never did any cardio until about 3-4 years ago. Never watched what I ate.

Then I discovered REAL squats and deadlifts, etc. I decided that I wanted to be stronger, and it worked.

For the last two years, I’ve volunteer trained high school athletes at a small school. I never wanted to be one of those fat-assed, dickhead coaches that scream at their kids to “suck it up,” while they themselves couldn’t do a pushup or a situp. So I pretty much follow whatever program they’re on.

During the last 4 weeks I did a semi-GOMAD because they’re in “get huge” mode and I wanted to get my squat up to 3x5 at 405 and keep up with the Joneses. Check. (Of course, then I see that 47-48 year-old on this site who posted the video of 425 x infinity here and thank you- now I know what a puss I am. But hey- I donâ??t use a belt or wraps, so there.)

About half way through the semi-GOMAD, I just started feeling FAT. So I cut way back, switched to skim, etc.

Iâ??m a carbo-hog. Iâ??m sure I donâ??t get nearly enough protein. I get most of it through milk or a protein supplement. I really don’t get the urge to have meat but every couple weeks. I drink 3 cans of Pepsi/day (used to be 2L/day). It’s been impossible to quit and stay off, but I’ll just eat an ibuprofen every 4 hours during this diet and choke down some peppermint or green tea.

To drop weight, Iâ??ve run 20 minute IT’s on the treadmill so hard that I feel ill for a few hours afterwards. My hip would hurt, and I developed some kind of bone deposits in the ball of my foot. I finally quit once my plantar fasciitis made it hurt to walk. I figured if I have another 40 years to live, I didnâ??t want to live it in that condition.

Then I switched to jumping rope, which I use to improve conditioning in my athletes. One session last week we did 30 15’s (15 seconds on/15 seconds off) and I was at 40 reps and above for every set. I can out-jump any of these teenagers, but I started to notice that my gut was bouncing up and down more than the rest of me was.

For the last few weeks, Iâ??ve just felt like Iâ??m all gut, and it’s just disgusting.

There needs to be less of me, and I need to set a better example for my students of what healthy should look like once you leave school and get “old.”

Iâ??m not sure exactly when it happened, but I’ve just gotten fat-ugly. I used to be relatively good-looking but the fat me is just gross.

It looks like I’ve got a ring around my neck, and it’s like one of those things where you look and say, “Howâ??d I get to be such a fat fuck?”

Iâ??ve finally surrendered to the realization that no matter how hard I train in the gym, or how strong I get, or how badly I kick my own ass on treadmill intervals, or whatever the fuck I come up with next to distract myself from the core issue, it doesn’t mean I can eat whatever I want.

I’m 41 this month and after reading Dan Johnsâ?? glowing reviews in “Never Let Go,” I decided that this was the one true path for me. I really like the idea of just getting it fucking over with, and the taste bud modification sounds good- man I hope it works.

This is going to be straight V for me, nothing fancy. I figure just the Pepsi should be good for about 3.6 pounds all by itself, but as I said, quitting that has been just plain hard. So I figured I’d try to overcome that by making it even harder. If you’ve never tried quitting something you’re addicted to, that last sentence will make no sense to you. But when your entire being is consumed with just one substance, I figured that broadening the scope would be something to try.

Here are my stats:

Age: 41
Height: 5’ 9"Weight: 219.4 lbs
Neck- 18
Shoulders: 53 ½
Chest- Upper 47
Chest- Lower 44 ¾
Waist- 40 ¾
Waist (largest)- 41 ¼
Hips 42 ¼
Upper Arm L- 15 7/8
Upper Arm R- 16
Upper Leg L- 25 ¾
Upper Leg R- 25 ¾
Lower Leg L- 17 ¼
Lower Leg R- 17 ¼

My lifts: Squat: 3x5x405 Deadlift: 3x5x455 Press: 3x5x150 Bench: 3x5x235

One other observation: I’ve read these logs where people who are on this thing and they start looking through recipes. That seems like a stupid thing to do. I’m going to pick out my meals this week, in advance, or have my wife do it for me.

I’m hoping to lose 20 lbs on this.

Photos already done… I’ll post when I find out where my wife hid the camera.

BTW, I started yesterday (Monday).


Day One

Couldn’t hardly sleep the night before.

I’ve been chomping at the bit for the last few weeks to get started.

Got up an hour early and got in 35 minutes on the treadmill.

No way I’m going outside in 20 degree weather.

While I have increased my number of meals over the past few years, I NEVER eat this much, this often.

[How’m I supposed to shrink this monster gut with all this volume?]

I’m a quick eater, but pounding these shakes is a bad idea, so I’ve slowed down.

The workout (advanced) was interesting, as I’ve never done overhead squat before.

If anyone has any tips for finding the sweet spot in terms of bar placement, please advise.

I didn’t feel like buying an ab wheel, so I did the rollouts with fives on the bar- worked fine.

The workout felt short- as I’m not used to moving that quickly between sets.

I decided to jump rope with my juniors/sophomores about an hour after my workout.

15 30-second intervals. Good, not great.

Had the Surge after that.

Took the suggestion of another V-dieter and I ate the almond butter instead of mixing it.

That was a good idea.

Today was easier than I anticipated.


Can somebody please help me understand this?

A serving size of Superfood is 5g, which is 2 scoops.

A serving size of Leucine 5g, which is ONE scoop.

Now I couldn’t find the Leucine scoop until late today, so I was using TWO of the Superfood scoops, assuming this would equal 5g.

Now that I have located the Leucine scoop, it appears to be the exact same size as the Superfood scoop.

So… is Leucine denser than Superfood, or am I reading this wrong?


Day Two

35 minutes on the treadmill is a pretty good way to start the day.

Banana cream Metabolic Drive is good, but it’s wearing a little thin.

I may have to go with another flavor tomorrow.

HOT-ROX is a nice pick-me-up for a late afternoon lull.

I’m going to try to get my ass out of bad just a little faster so I can get 45 minutes in the morning.

Today wasn’t difficult food-wise, but I can easily see how boredom drives a lot of eating.

Fortunately, I’m very busy.

Lots of gas- and not a good “flavor” either .

Other than that, today was relatively easy.

I’m beginning to wonder if this is like solitary sounds like:

the first few days are no big deal…

and then you go bat-shit crazy one day.

I’m fortunate in that I’m self-employed, work out of a home office,

so I have control over my environment.


I screwed up. I think I may have missed a Flameout or 2 because I’m reading the recipe for the drink each meal, but forgetting to look at the supplement side.

But today I really messed up.

I worked out today and decided to wait until the athletes were done with lifting to jump rope with them and THEN drink my Surge.

Then when I got home at 4:30, I completely forgot to have my 4pm snack.

I was returning some calls when at about 5:40 I started to really feel the hunger coming on.

By the time I made my way to the kitchen, I was feeling REALLY weak.

So not only did I forget the snack but I had my meal 35 minutes late.

[No wonder that peanut butter bagel my son had sitting on the table smelled SO… DAMNED… GOOD.

Talk about running on empty.

I also didn’t have my watch timer on, otherwise I might have remembered.

Don’t want to do that again- blech.

I’ve been drinking a lot of cal-free flavored sparkling water- I mix half flavored, half unflavored.

My mouth has been REALLY dry on this diet.

I’m not sure how much more fluid I can take, but I feel like I’m constantly thirsty.

Only exception is just after having my shake- then it’s “No Mas!”

Looks to me like food temptation is not going to be a problem so long as I’m strict about having my shakes when I’m supposed to.

One other observation: why do so many people want to customize the program?

Just follow the damned instructions!


Day 4: I managed to get through a car ride with my wife eating an Arby’s beef and cheddar. Fortunately, I’ve never had one and would never ask for one- it sounds disgusting. Nevertheless, having to sit next to someone who’s eating isn’t exatly fun. Every now and then I’ll have the passing thought, “Damn, it would be nice to just have a freaking apple!” Fruit’s always been a big part of my diet.

I had an extended errand this afternoon so I packed a shake into a gigantic, stainless steel thermos from the 50’s. I could barely get the top screwed in. By the time I opened it up to drink it, HALF the volume was gone! So that’s where some of that gas is coming from!

Frankly, it tastes MUCH better after it’s simmered down, I’m just wondering if I’d miss that fuller feeling if I went that route all day.

Day 5: Felt deader than a doornail this morning, managed to get my ass out of bed on time though. That Z12 is a real knockout… and 8 hours is not enough after 2 of them… maybe I’ll cut back to just 1.

Treadmill 45 minutes at 4.4mph/2.0 incline again. It’s a great way to start the day but I found myself wondering if this is a sustainable part of my routine for the long haul. I think I’d like to continue the routine of doing something first thing in the morning, just not the same thing every day. Options aren’t exactly bountiful with 20 degree weather outside.

Man, my shoulers are STILL sore… WTF? Bi’s, too- I almost never do curls.

My GI’s simmered down now more or less, finally had a real movement. My system doesn’t lie dramatic change.

I upped the HOT-ROX to 2 this morning… maybe a slight passing feeling of nausea, but I’m liking the way I feel on it otherwise.

Had my wife pick out the HSM’s as I’d rather she like it, too.

Looking forward to the workout this afternoon.

I haven’t reached the grind phase yet.

I’m keeping a list of things I’m learning… I’ll post them at the end.

Pics should be up over the weekend.

Speaking of pics, it looks to me like there’s been some improvement in the waistline area, but the mind plays tricks on you… I’ll let the scale tell the real story on Monday morning.

Either way, still a long way to go.


Good job so far, doesn’t sound like you’re going to have much trouble w/ the diet…once you get through the first week it’s more or less a routine.


[quote]panther2k wrote:
Good job so far, doesn’t sound like you’re going to have much trouble w/ the diet…[/quote]

Really, no. I went to a birthday party last night, had a shake just before going, brought my mixed flavored sparkling water concoction that I drink (zero cals), and I was fine.

They had LOTS of great looking, great smelling food and there was absolutely no temptation AT ALL.

I left and had my bedtime shake a little later than normal, and backed off a scoop and I was good.

It was really weird.

I’m not sure if it’s because you’re practically eating all the time on this diet (at least it feels like it to me), or if it’s just that I’m so committed to this thing working.

For whatever reason, it seems like this is it for me. If this doesn’t work, what possibly would? Incremental changes and half-starts just will never work in this area for me. I either win here right now with this method, or I have no chance. That’s how I’m choosing to view it.

Alright, took my HOT-ROX and off to the V-Challenge… now if only I can remember how to do all those crazy exercises…


Wow, am I humbled.

The Advanced V-Burn challenge is a BITCH.

Maybe it’s 'cause I’d only had HOT-ROX this morning before I went in,
but I made it through 5 rounds and then I had to get the kids to basketball.

Even if it weren’t for that, I probably wouldn’t have finished, on account of your not supposed to rest at all between sets.

This is like nothing else I’ve ever done, so it’s definitely new.

Anyway, it kicked my ass.

For anyone who’s done it all the way through on the first go-round, my hat’s off to you.


“Before” pics from last week.


“Before” pics from last week.


“Before” pics from last week.


Does it count as a cheat if I just threw up in my mouth?


Day 7’s done.

I think I may have pushed a little too hard on the “NEPA” this morning, and I felt run-down all day long.

HSM: red wine chicken, 5 green olives in some kind of vinegrette, broccoli, salad with cucmbers, avacados, cherry tomatoes and vinagrette, pumpkin cake and almond “ice cream.”

Sounds like a lot, but it all fit on one plate.

I ate nice and slow… tasted great.

My energy shot up right away.

I can honestly see myself eating that way once this is over, and I never would have thought that previously. It wouldn’t have worked “the easy way.”

4 hours later and I’m really not hungry- no way I can pund down a shake.

I took my Z’s and then my Flameouts (2) 15 minutes later.

Wishfully tried on some 34’s in the store today… not there yet, but I did see much more definition in my quads.

I can see some thinning out along my jaw line, my neck’s tapering down.

I finally found a new drink that I like by mixing plain lemon tea 50/50 with lemon flavored Fruit2O.

My skin’s also clearer and not as dry as I’d expect with all the 20/sub-20 degree weather.

Looking forward to tomorrow, can’t wait to get into the gym and go to war with Monday’s routine.


[quote]reactiontm wrote:
Does it count as a cheat if I just threw up in my mouth?[/quote]

Funniest thing I’ve read on these forums. Keep up the good work man! I’m only 2 days in, but so far so good.


[quote]MDCharlton wrote:

[quote]reactiontm wrote:
Does it count as a cheat if I just threw up in my mouth?[/quote]

Funniest thing I’ve read on these forums. Keep up the good work man! I’m only 2 days in, but so far so good.[/quote]

Thanks. Looks like you’ve done this before… I’m hoping for your sake it’s the last time you have to do it.


Day 8.

Weighed in at 214.2.

That’s 5.2 pounds for the first week.

I have mixed response to that result.

On the one hand, it’s 5 lbs in a week.

On the other, man I’ve done a helluva lot to get there.

My concern is that in reading the logs before I started, the weight loss seemed to taper off / decelerate after awhile, and I really don’t want to fall an ounce short of 20 inside the 4 weeks.

So I was hoping for ~6-7 the first week.


I’ve followed this mutherfucker to the letter, and I’m going to continue to do so until the very end.

So I’m looking for at least another 5 this week.

I’m seeing changes- I can see my jawline again.

I don’t feel “all gut” anymore.

Still a LONG way to go on eliminating that gut- it’s probably going to take ALL of that 20 pounds to get the gut down to where I want it to be.

Honestly, even if I drop 20 here, it’ll probably take another 10 pounds afterwards to complete my journey.

I’m feeling more confident about my ability to eat better after this is over.

Twice now, I’ve had to pack a shake, think ahead.

I’ve never thought nearly this much about what I’m going to eat for the rest of the day,.

I’ve either eaten for no really good reason- certainly not out of hunger, or I’ve been careless and just grabbed the shit they loosely call “stool,” I mean “food” at the drive-thru.

This diet hasn’t really been that difficult so far.

This is probably because I’m so completely committed to getting the result.

Regardless, I really don’t want to have to do this again.

More importantly, I don’t ever want to be as big as I was a week ago.



I walked across the street to hit the treadmill thinking, “I probably should take it easy today,” as my right big toe is starting to feel the stress of fast walking every day.

Then I get on the thing and I just HAVE to go harder/faster than the last time.

I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t do the “leisurely walk” thing.

There’s definitely a difference in energy when I really go at it on my NEPA.

I feel great for a few hours afterwards, but then I always feel a bit weak later on in the day, and I get hungry between meals.

I also prefer workout days. Even tough I’m burning more during the workout than I take in with the Surge, I just feel better with 6 drinks instead of “only” 5.

19 more minutees to dinner and I’ve been ready since 5pm.

I fill in the gaps with extra water.

Man, does flavored water suck, or what?

The non-carbonated ones I’ve tried all seem to have an oily texture to them.

If anyone is reading this and has a suggestion that actually tastes and feels like flavored water instead of flavored greasy dishwater, please let me know the brand and flavor.

Thus far, I’ve tried grape Propel and four different flavors of FruitO2.

By themselves, they’re just gross.

I found a store brand carbonated that I like, but I need some non-carbonated for variety’s sake.

On another note, since being on this progam, I’ve been thinking of what other areas of development I’ll apply my developing self discipline on next. Nothing decided yet, just playing with the idea.

I intend to use this process as a launching pad in other areas of my life.


Good work so far!

The carbonated waters worked well for me, especially since I had a diet soda habit to kick too. :slight_smile:

They’re not flavored, but have you tried any non-carbonated mineral waters?

Its been a while since I’ve had Propel or other waters, but don’t they have carbs in them? Its not much if I recall correctly, but I don’t think they would be considered acceptable for the V-Diet. It may not matter at this point since it sounds like you’re not planning on drinking them anymore.


[quote]iamthesamurai wrote:
Its been a while since I’ve had Propel or other waters, but don’t they have carbs in them?[/quote]

It’s Propel Zero.