Time It Takes to Complete Workouts

So i was just curious how long it takes everyone to complete the advanced workouts each day as well as the V-Burn on the weekends… I feel like the workouts during the week are extremely short!

they are, but if you keep the pace and use the proper weight, they’re hard. 20-35min. haven’t done V-burn yet (saturday)

I did the Beginner V-burn and it took me about 30 minutes. I think it took me this long because I am out of cardio/fitness shape and I am a wimp. I took a breather here and there within the circuits as well as rest between circuits. I think someone who is in better shape would finish way faster.

Oops, Sorry to the OP, I did not read carefully - you asked about the Advanced versions of the workouts/V-Burn. Sorry, I did not do any of the advanced workouts so far.

Edit: I did the Monday Advanced workout tonight. I warmed up for 10 minutes including doing some warm up sets of Bent-over Barbell row - underhand grip. The whole workout took 29 minutes including the 10 minute warm up. Counting only the work sets 19 minutes.

A Bent-Over Barbell Row - Underhand grip 275lbs x6,5,4,3,2
B Overhead squat - 95lbs x5,5,4,7
C Dip - b.w. x5,5,5,5
D Ab-Wheel Rollout - 10,10

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