Time for a Kick in the Ass!

Last night I placed my order for V-Diet supplies. I am planning to start on August 16th. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing the V-Diet for the past year or so but always come up with an excuse.

I’m one of the formerly fat kids. At 25 years old standing 6’1" I was my heaviest weighing in just over 300 lbs. Between 2006 and 2008 I lost 125 lbs and got down to 178. I used some insanely strict caloric maximums (1200 per day) to achieve this and combined it with some heavy cardio as my endurance increased.

Losing so much weight left me looking like a concentration camp victim since I don’t think I had ever lifted a weight in my life. I spent the next year learning how to lift and experimenting with some different techniques and got my weight up in to the 190’s. About a year ago I lost a lot of motivation and pretty much stopped working out in favor of eating junk and drinking a lot of beer. Thankfully I’ve got that under control.

I’m going to use the V-Diet to hopefully shed 10-15 pounds of fat and get me back to 180 and then work on building some mass from there.

I know I’m capable of some pretty extreme willpower when necessary but it’s been a while since I’ve had a fire lit underneath me and I’m worried I won’t be able to keep with this thing for 28 days but I’m hoping to prove myself wrong.

I will be following the intermediate program because I am comfortable with Chad’s workouts.

I’ll post some before photos and measurements this weekend as I’m getting ready to give this a whirl.

Looking forward to watching your progress! Keep us posted!

Ok. I’m starting it up today. I was going to wait until Wednesday after I go to a baseball game but screw it. I’ll just drink water. Just took my first HOT-ROX and I’m off to the store in a minute to buy some new flax because mine is rancid. Oh, have to get that tape measure too.

To start things off I’m going to post a photo at my top weight of 300. Look at the misery on my face! Starting photos are next.

Love handles and a farmers tan. Sexy.

The measurements:
height — 6’1
weight — 197 lbs
neck ----- 15 1/4
shoulders - 45
chest-upper - 41 3/4
chest-lower - 41 1/4
waist @ navel - 38
waist @ largest - 39 1/2
hips @ largest - 41
L. upper arm - 13 1/2
R. upper arm - 13 3/4
L. upper leg - 23 1/2
R. upper leg - 23 1/2
L. lower leg - 15 1/2
R. lower leg - 15 1/2
L. ankle - 10 1/2
R. ankle - 10 1/2

Aaaaaaand Side!

Back. If I can lose some of that fat on my sides I will be a happy man. On the plus side, I have an hour-glass figure that a chick would love.

Day 1 is in the books. Not too terrible although getting that last shake down was rough. I think that’s going to be the most challenging part.

The workout went fine. I haven’t lifted seriously in a few months so I expected it to be worse but I feel pretty good today and I realize how much I’ve missed that dull ache! I don’t think I’ve ever done an ab wheel roll-out before. Those suck!

A couple other observations. HOT-ROX is fine at one capsule but at two I’m as jittery as a heroin addict looking for his next fix. I’m a licensed pilot and I’ve been wondering how this stuff would affect me in that regard. I don’t think I’ll risk flying with two HOT-ROX in my system.

Also, why is it that banana Met-Drive blends so much better than the others? It has a much more realistic milk shake texture than the others. Anyone else notice this?

Day 2 wasâ?¦not good. It was a challenge to get all those shakes down. All I wanted was something salty. On top of that I had a headache most of the day and felt mildly nauseous.

But, I got everything down and the peanut butter chocolate shake at the end of the day was maybe the highlight.

I got in an hour walk towards the end of the day for my exercise.

Today is my first work day on the v-diet. I’ll be interested to see if it’s easier or harder than the two weekend days I just went through. I biked to work like I usually do but used an easier pace so the demand on my body wouldn’t be so high.

I’m really looking forward to my first HSM on Friday. I think I’m going to have a nice lean steak on the grill. Good god that sounds amazing right now.

While I can’t say this is fun in any way, I am determined to finish.

A few observations from this morning.

I’m drinking today’s shake 2. I am not hungry. I get to shake time and I’m not ready to eat. That makes getting a shake down somewhat unpleasant but I would typically be hungry right now so it’s an interesting change.

My caffeine addiction can not be satiated by HOT-ROX. I took two this morning and that does make me a little jittery but I otherwise feel fine. However, a couple hours later I start to get a headache. My hypothesis was that this was due to the lack of caffeine in my system and drinking a cup of coffee today seems to have backed that up. I feel good now that I have a little supplemental caffeine.

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