Time Between V-Diets


How long of a break do you need between V-Diet cycles? Day 42 is the end of the cycle.


in an old post I thought I saw Chris suggest between 6 and 12 weeks between V-Diets


[quote]supertones31 wrote:
How long of a break do you need between V-Diet cycles? Day 42 is the end of the cycle.[/quote]

There are no hard and fast rules, but I’d give it at least 4 weeks.


I would take some time to evaluate where you are at for awhile before you decide to V-Diet again.

After I came off the diet, I continue to lose weight due to my changed eating habits (the best part of the V-Diet in my opinion, Thanks Chris!). So, yes, I still have weight that I want to lose after the 2 weeks transition phase, but the weight keeps coming off. I have no current current plans to do another V-Diet, but that may change if in a couple months my weight loss starts to stagnate.


Would you be able to recommend a break period after doing:

2 weeks V-Diet w/ Pulse Fast 2x week
1 week HSM
2 weeks V-Deit w/ Pulse Fast 2x week

Even though I’ve made good progress I see that there is still one more 5 week cycle left (possibly) to get where I want to be. I like the point hockeydawg makes regarding continued weightloss due to changed eating habits - I guess I just want to “rip” off the remaining fat. I feel like I’m waging war against an evil empire of jiggle. For me it’s Saturday, so I have 1 week and 1 day left before the above cycle ends for me.

Perhaps I should wait this last week and see where I end at. Then assess directions…bad thing though is that my end day of V-Diet is on Easter Sunday, which was unplanned.


uv_deth: You could do another week of HSMs then another 2-week push. That cycled approach should keep the fat flying off.