Time Between Surge and Next Shake?


How long should I wait to have my next shake after I drink my Surge Recovery after working out? I will have my 4th shake about 3:45 this afternoon and will work out probably no more than 30 minutes afterward. I don’t know how long the workout will take since it’s my first day, but I will drink my Surge as soon as I get home.



The main goal is to spread shakes out as evenly as possible (not counting the Surge drink, which should came ASAP after lifting.) You don’t want to “run out” of shakes for the day too soon, and you don’t want to have two left at 10PM. This may take a day or two to get exactly right.

But as to your question, it’s usually about 45 mins to an hour. Surge isn’t meant to be filling so this is easy to do.


By ASAP do you mean bring it to the gym for use right when finished or can it wait til I get home? Will the 15minutes make a difference?


15 minutes is okay. But when I talked with one of the main formulators of Surge Recovery and asked him, he said to drink it “when the last rep hits the floor.”

I pack mine to the gym, but 15 minutes is fine.

We used to call the 60 minutes following a workout the “window of opportunity.” Today we know that sooner is better, but you don’t have to be too obsessive about it.