Thoughts on Training Routine



I’ve settled on V-Diet and will begin next week in order to annihilate the last few pounds covering up the mid-section. I’ve been fighting with this layer of fat for well over a year but I’m not surprised it won’t give up as it’s been around since my twenities (I’m now 40) :slight_smile:

I plan on doing the diet exactly as outlined but I’d like to stay on my current workout regimen. What are your thoughts on this type of workout given the calorie restricted nature of the diet? My current eating is pretty clean so I’m not doing this to break bad habits, I did that long ago. I just have really stubborn belly fat/love handles. My abs show but they don’t “show” if you know what I mean.

Thanks for your help,

Squats 5 X 5
Bench Press: 3 X 6,8,10
Seated Row: 3 X 6,8,10
BB Shrug: 3 X 6,8,10
BB Curls 3 X 8

Squats: 5 X 5
Military Press: 5 X 5
Deadlift: 2 X 5
Weighted Chins: 3 X 8
Weighted Dips: 3 X 8

Squats: 1 X 5
Bench Press: 5 X 5
Seated Row: 5 X 5
BB Shrug: 5 X 5
BB Curls 3 X 8

I’ll add the w/e circuit training as per the program.


You’ll do fine, I’m sure.

But it’s not just about exercises, sets, and reps. The way they’re performed is crucial as well. See the V-Diet training plan and note the instructions: rest periods, tempo style, etc. That’s stuff has a powerful metabolic effect, and that’s what we’re after here: max fat burning.

Something to consider.

Done correctly, the V-diet training plan is very tough and effective.


Thanks Chris. I’ll have an in depth of the instructions over the weekend. Planing on starting next week after my supps arrive…


Awesome. Please keep us posted, whatever you decide!


I may be doing something similar. This will be second v-diet coming up here(did another back in 09 I believe? It literally changed my life.) and since then I have put on probably 40-50 pounds. Mostly good, I’ll post pics when I make my thread once I’ve ordered everything.

My dilemma is similar to yours, as I basically only train in the low rep ranges, and am a little afraid that I’ll lose my 500lb squat doing the original program. I think I will try with my heavy squat/dead/push/pull routine for the first week and if it is just too much doing all the heavy compound motions every session I will switch to what the program calls for.


Hey Matt, sounds like a great approach. As an aside, I did my standard workout on Monday, but I lowered the weight a tad to account for the 45 second rest periods. I must admit, I didn’t feel like the intensity was there as I was working at ~70% of my 1RM and I’m usually in the 85%+ range.

I may just go back to my standard routine and see how it goes from here on out. I’ll let you know tonight after I’m done how my energy levels were. My gut is telling me it will be the recovery that takes longer but we shall see…