Thoughts on Shakes

i have a feeling that i will be on this forum quite a bit for support. today was my first day on the diet and i a already having trouble. does anybody find the taste of the shakes be too much for them? it tastes like ultra rich marshmellows. any tricks that you can do to change the flavor and keep them down?

A friend of mine while doing the V-Diet would just counteract the taste by eating (separately, not adding to the shake) pickles or some sort of salty soup broth (obviously with no carbs or anything like that). the Vanilla/Chocolate flavored Metabolic Drive definitely bothered me in that way when I did the V-Diet. Strawberry not nearly as much.

i had an idea earlier today that maybe adding some sort of flavoring extract may balance out the taste. the soup idea sounds interesting i shall try that. im glad im not alone. has anyone had the same problem and learned to ignore it?

Use more water and thin them out.

In the vanilla Metabolic Drive I use un-sweetened Kool Aid. It cuts the sweetness and adds a great cherry/black cherry/fruit puch or whatever flavor that you choose. It has helped me tremendously. Good luck…

thanks guys i just tried a packet of ramen beef broth with my recovery drink. worked pretty well except i have to drink double the liquid. im going to try some unsweetened koolaid tommorow. its either fix the taste or learn to cope. there is no quitting

I like the Metoblic Drive shakes; but for a change of pace and a new twist to the shakes try the following.
one teaspoon of instant coffee with the vanilla or with the chocolate shake. it taste great plus it’s a instant pick me up. Also try Crystal Lite “on the go” (individaul servings), especially orange(taste like a creamsicle) and strawberry. Both are refreshing. Try the raspberry flavor with the chocolate, sort of
taste like a raspberry torte; not one of my favorite, but one of my friends swears by it. Do not try any of the green tea flavors, they don’t mix well and taste horrible.

for the last one of the day use alot of ice(alot) and eat it like ice cream

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