Thoughts on Precision Nutrition?


Looking ahead past V-Diet, what are your thoughts on Berardi’s Precision Nutrition? I had the cookbook at one point and remember it being pretty good. Thinking of buying it again, and possibly the whole system/package/whathaveyou. Wanted to know what your thoughts were on it - if it’d be worth it, etc.


I should add, I am thinking of going straight into the 100g Carb Challenge - wondering mostly if the recipes in Gourmet Nutrition and the Precision Nutrition system would support that. I’m pretty proficient in the kitchen, so it’s more about ideas and info than skill.

I haven’t looked at it in a while. I’m sure it’s okay, but as you know I think most people do very well going wheat-free so I’d always do that, regardless of recipe or eating plan.

Thanks Chris - already planning to go wheat free - I just feel so much better, and really don’t miss it when I cut it out.

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