Thoughts on Juicers


Hey Chris

What are your thoughts on juicers, not steroid freaks, but the juicers that blend up vegetables and fruits?


I bought a big vegetable juicer several years ago. Last year I gave it away since I only used it a few times. Here’s my experience:

  1. I think fruit it fine but fruit juice is a no-no: too much concentrated sugar, no fiber to “slow it down.” So I never juiced fruit much except to make the veggie juice more palatable.

  2. Juicing veggies is fine, but it always tasted awful to me.

  3. Takes a lot of veggies for a glass of veggie juice. Juicing is expensive, and you waste a lot of the vegetables, including the fiber.

  4. Juicing requires a big juicer which takes up a lot of counter space and is a pain to clean.

  5. Superfood came along and it was inexpensive, used a wide variety of the best vegetables, fruits and berries, tasted fine (I toss mine into vanilla protein shakes), and takes up no counter space and requires no cleaning.

So, for me, Superfood killed the juicer.

More info for those unfamiliar with it:


I think they have their place. There are many benefits of juicing. Chad Waterbury suggests doing a veggie juice fast to help rid your body of inflammation I tried it and it felt good. I think it detoxed my body and shed some “belly inflammation” if you know what I mean. My stomach flattened out a bit and has stayed that way. But I also follow the eating reccomendations on this site.

You mention that the fibre is lost, but you can use the dry pulp in alot of velocity life recipes such as adding it to a cauliflower pizza dough or instead of bread crumbs in other recipes or to help bulk up a salmon spread. You are right though it does take up some room and uses a lot of veggies. I don’t mind the taste of 2 carrots and an apple juiced though. I have not tried superfood so I can’t comment on that but will try it in the near future.


Proponents of juicing talk often of the power of the enzymes in the fresh juice…does Superfood cover that base? I realize it is a supercharged anti-oxidant; I’m just curious if the enzymes are somehow preserved.