Thoughts on Acidophilus

Hi Chris,

Interested to hear your thoughts on Acidophilus, have you played with it as a supplement? Especially for people who are eliminating milk from their diet?

Thanks as always.

I’ve never really had the need to use a probiotic. I’ve taken them occasionally, but they’re not a staple for me. Not sure why someone eliminating milk would need it. Doing that will clear up many types of digestive issues on its own.

It can get costly when taking everyday. I would strongly suggest going on ebay and ordering Milk Kefir grains and maybe some Water Kefir Grains. If milk is an issue though Milk Kefir never gave me problems you can use them it coconut milk so, you get a lot of probiotic (amount and variety) and good fats. The best part is you only have to buy them once because they multiply and grow. I eat a lot of sauerkraut, Milk Kefir using raw milk or coconut milk and Water Kefir using coconut water or organic sugar.

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