Thought Experiment - V-Life Work Breakfast

I overhead a couple managers talking at work about a week of all day meetings with our customer. One was upset the company would not budget for donuts. The other said facetiously “No Donuts? That’s downright un-American.” I leaned out of office and said, " Being American means being fat and dying of heart disease, so maybe that’s a good thing." They both laughed at that, but it got me thinking. How would you put together a V-Life compliant business breakfast for meetings like these?

The rules are: 1) ordinary people would actually eat it; 2) it doesn’t cost significantly more to the company than donuts, cakes and Danish; 3) it’s something a normal cafeteria could put together; 4) it would impress the customer, and obviously 5) it has to fit the V-Lifestyle.

Custom made fritattas would be nice, but probably fails on points 2 and 3.

OK, what do you V-Lifers think?

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