Thought Eating Would be the Easy Part


First my stats (6’-0", 168lbs, 9%BF), 6day/week workout, 5-group muscle split.

Now for the dilema:
Got my 3000-cals, 235g-protein, 316g-carbs.
Got my 5 or 6 meals/day with simple carbs first thing in the AM and first thing after workout.
So why does my gut hurt by night fall?
Why am I burping like a newborn every five f*ckin minutes?
Why am I so god damn tired?

I follow a very simple food plan (which never changes, so as to make sure I get my 3000/235/316):

1st meal: Ezekiel Cereal, 2%milk, banana
2nd meal: 6oz chicken, quinoa
3rd meal: (POST WORK OUT)50g-Protein Shake , oatmeal, yogurt
4th meal: 6oz chicken, quinoa
5th meal: 6oz chicken, quinoa

Would love to eat more, but my 6pm I am so full… Girl friend complaining about the armageddon size burps and just laying down feels like a workout… WTF!


Wheat is awful for you. Read the book Wheat Belly. Milk is awful for you. Ditch those to begin with. Replace with rice and almond milk. Maybe consider eating something like… vegetables. You’re near malnourished based on that diet outline.


Thanks Chris! Exactly why I asked you.


… oh, what should I sub for the wheat based cereal in the AM?.. Oatmeal/Fruit?


Certified gluten-free oatmeal, Rice 'n Shine (rice grits), cream of Rice, quinoa (although you’re getting plenty of that). Here’s my homemade granola recipe:


30-hours no wheat/milk, feeling way, WAY better.
Thanks again Chris.


Awesome, keep me posted.


[quote]Everyday wrote:
30-hours no wheat/milk, feeling way, WAY better.
Thanks again Chris.[/quote]

If you want to experiment with no-wheat flours for more wheat-free options, check this:


Full 7-days now, no wheat, no milk.
Stomach pain, gone.
Constant burping, gone.
Starting to notice evening distention is reducing.
Thanks again Chris.