Thomas's Log

I’ve lost a total of 5.4lbs the first week. After I increased my water content I went up about a lb. Its tough, the first week was easy b/c I was goin off of excitment but now its hard to take down the shake. I got sick on Saturday pretty bad…I took my daily medication with the my morning supplements and Carbolin 19 and it put me on my azz…<~~will never do that again. I keep looking at the before and after pics of others who went thru it to keep me motivated. Its really hard at work when everyone has Papa Johns and KFC but I been withstanding.

A few notes…Surge taste like shit, the circuit training was more challenging than I thought it would be, chew gum to help combat the shake after taste.

So far…
151.6 Aug 6 <~~~When I started
148.2 Aug 8
146.2 Aug 13

Weight loss slowed after I started drinking more water…need to start measuring myself.

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