Thomas' V-Diet log: 1/4 - 28/4


I’m a 23 year old guy from Denmark, who recently bought all the suplements and have now started the famous V-Diet.

My stats on day #1 are as following:
Height: 190cm (6 2.6 in your messurements. :wink: )
Weight: 103½kg (228 pounds)
BF: 27.4% (my broken digicalscale)
Bestlifts: 150kg deadlift, 125kg squat, 105kg benchpress.
… I dont have any lengths of my body, but I marked the length of my belly and chest on day #1. Poor I know, but in the end I can see the actual lost cms.

I have been training on and off since I was 15. I have had accidents with my back and shoulder - tho its fine now. I strained some ligaments in my knee 4 month ago, so Im limiting my squatting to 1legged squat.

So, I’m a 6th semester economy and law student from Odense in Denmark, which has a few too much on the sides - so I’ve started this diet. I fit a lot on the “average joe”-description with the cravings etc, so I was instantly hooked on this.

I think Im going to post all the trainingsessions and my daily thoughts. That will keep me motivated for sure.

Pictures are following now. And btw. sorry for the poor langauge and spelling. :slight_smile:




Status from day #1 to #3.

Ive started the training on mondays, and the diet on wednesday.
Trainings been good. I love the workout. For the next training sessiosn I will post the actual lifts etc.

Cool program which Im enjoying so far. (MAJOR DOMS cripling my walking today)

Going well. The first day I popped the HOT-ROX at 9 and 21 which was a huge mistake… didnt get much sleep that night, and I somehow managaed to drink up to 8 liters in total - ugh. Yesterday I managed better, even added a small amount of sodium, which helped my headache.

So far I havent missed anything on my diet.

That was it I guess. I would be glad if anyone occasionally drops in with a comment on my trainingssessions or anything - appreciate it.

Oh, and one last thing… I got on the weightscale this morning … amazing, allready dropped down to 100.1 kg :slight_smile:

Oh btw. I have noticed my teeth has increased the whitness a lot.

2 days prioer to the diet I stopped with coke and coffe… so… 4 days without coke/coffe has done the job. My teeth were slightly yellow, and its allmost gone. Exciting. :slight_smile:

Hey Vucub, welcome to the V-Diet! Glad you got started. Nice teeth whitening side affect heh. Your English, but the way, is a lot better than some who speak English as their first language. Keep us updated, and yes posting every day is very motivating to yourself and will give you solid memories to look back to in the future when you need the reminders.

Grats on quick beginning weight loss and keeping at it. If you’re feeling sort of bad like with headaches, etc, don’t worry, it will pass very soon.


Awesome. Keep us posted! And cool tat, by the way!

Thanks both of you.

Day #4, 13:00.
Todays NEPA went smooth - finally saw a bit of summersun while i walked in the park of Odense. Sweet.

Sitting here writing I have no cravings at all. My girlfriend and her brother saw a couple of movies last night, with chocolate and coke. I was not even tempted… that kinda surprised myself.


one more thing, weighing me in the mornings is just a habit of me, so naturally i slumped out to the bathroom (after one good night of sleep) and got on the weight…

218.9pounds. (-~10pounds). Probably most water - still major motivation for me.

God damn Im wasted!

Tbh my (bad) knee was a bit sore, so choose to do the beginnners burnout. I felt that if I sould be able to complete it, I had to remove some exzercises;

Hand walkouts
Single 1legged dl
jumping jacks
the standing shoulderthingy

5x10x5… took 43 minutes, but I completed

Drained off anything called energi. Feels good.

Was already wondering how did you do :slight_smile:

Nice work, to bad your knee was sore. I’m doing some yoga stretching at the moment since I’m all sore from yesterday. I got a “NEPA date” with a friend at 4pm and then looking forward for my first HSM … yummy yummy :slight_smile:

Sounds good… cant wait for some chicken or fish in 2 days :slight_smile:

Everything going well today. I played around with a cost program earlier today, which resultet in major cravings, tho for healthy food, so I stopped for now.

Maybe a bad thing to do when you brain is DIETING. :slight_smile:

Sleep tight.

Day #6

Knee a bit sore, so took it easier.

NEPA (~30 min) went well.

BOR: 6,6,6,6x50kg.

Dips: 6,5,4,3,2. Good depth.

Ab wheel: 6,5,4,3,2. Nasty after ab hand walkout yesterday.


I have noticed several new birthmarks - mainly on my back and some on my stomach. Smooth surface and normal color. Is this normal? Edit: nevermind - checked my pre-photos. Just a lesser case of paranoia.

Day #7 - HSM DAY!

Weight: 98,5kg, 217,1 pound. (-~11pounds)
Belly: -4inches
Chest: -3inches

Awesome first week.

Day #7, NEPA:

20 minutes easy swimming. The doctor said I should keep to swimming/cycling, and he sent me to a phys.

45 minutes of tabletennis.

Yesterdays HSM was grilled chicken breast with lots of salad. Dear god - I want moar!

Day #8:
30 mins on the threadmill, 5.5km/t - vupti.
Widegrip pulldowns: 12,10,8,6,4x55kg
Incline DB press: 10,8x24kg,9,7,6x22kg
Stifflegged Romanian DL: 4x10x20kg+BB
BB curls: 12,10,8,6,4x20kg+BB
Hanging knee lift: 10,9,8,7,6xBW

Drained, but good. Its beginnning to show in my face, around shoulders, leg, under/overarms and Im feeling good.

Day #9.
30 mins NEPA on threadmill. My knee in good shape.

I have now lost 5.8kg (12.8pound), and my girlfriend (who has changed her eating habbits the last couple of weeks too, has lost 5,5kg. Very impressive.

So we are in good mood and are both very motivated. :slight_smile:

Day #10 - going strong.

20 mins NEPA bicyling

Pushpresses: 6,5,5,4,3,2x40kg+BB
Widegrip pulldowns: 6,5,5,4,3,2x70kg
Closegrip benchpress: 6,5,5,4,3,2x40kg+BB

Played around with a couple sets of shrugs, reverse curls and calf raises. Felt good. Veins popping out on my underarm like never before. :slight_smile:

13 pounds already? Damn. Nice, and very happy for your girlfriend too!!

Day 11#

Same routine as sunday, cutted 10 minuttes off, but totally wasted afterwards.

Yeah and I bet I even lost a few more pounds the last days - easter vacation atm. so Im not home with my own scale. Weighing myself when we get home. :slight_smile:

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