This Is Happening

1st V-Diet: 2005. 2nd V-Diet: Spring '09. Both went well. I was planning on doing another one this fall anyway, but thought I’d have made more progress. Long story short: I had too much fun this summer. This last month I’ve felt terrible b/c I pretty much squandered the hard work I did. (See previous V-Diet blog). And I’ve felt terrible healthwise b/c I’ve been slacking on prepping food and relying way to much on processed “low carb” foods. They chemicals and preservatives in that stuff (from low carb milk, yogurt, raps, bars) make me feel like crap-on-a-stick. Basically, daily stomach-aches don’t do much for my motivation. Like Fat Bastard says, “it’s a vicious cycle”. OH, and also, I’m not going to be going out drinking every wknd like I did the past month (stupid!). I’m still gonna go out, but I just won’t drink - which is fine w/me. I do it all the time, but for some reason I let loose the month of August (really stupid).

I know I can do the thing, but this time I have to do it and maintain it beyond phase 2. I did this after my first Vdiet, so I know I can do it now. I think my biggest problem after the last one was that I didnt’ have a lifting program lined up to jump into after phase 2. I’m gonna use the time that I’m on the V-Diet to find one that I’m excited about. I’ve been lifting since I was 11, and I love it. But I hate just f’ing around & making things up as I go along. I crave the structure of a good program.

So I’m gonna hit this thing again. I really miss feeling awesome about myself on a daily basis. I don’t have a self-esteem deficit or anything. It’s just that when my work-outs and diet are firing on all cylinders, I feel like a total badass. And I love that feeling!

Anywho, I’m 2 shakes in and about to hit the gym. W.O. stats to follow. I’ll get measurements and pics tomorrow.

Ready? Go.

You can do it! you obviously know whats in store so just lock it up for the next four weeks! I think your right on about finding a program for post Vdiet… i know im already excited to jump into I, Bodybuilder asap after the diet which just motivates me even more to get through each day knowing ill get the opportunity to try something new and exciting after its done!

Thanks for the encouragement, ghostofsin.

Ok, W.O. #1 is done. I love Raspberry Surge Recovery. The whole liquid-cotton-candy sweetness has grown on me. Definitely almost threw up the first time I had it.

10 min jump roping to warm up.
Front Squats 85 lbs.
6, 5, 5, 4
LatPulldowns (underhand) 90 lbs.
5, 5, 4, 4, 2
DB Bench 35’s
5, 5, 4, 4, 2
Ab Wheel
10, 6, 4

One more shake to go. Chocolate w/coconut extract sounds good tonight.

Also, I’m going to pop some ZMA in a half hour or so. I’ve had some restless nights lately b/c I was stung on the foot by a sea anemone while I was in Central America and the neurotoxins are still kickin. I wake up b/c it itches so bad. Hopefully the anti-inflammatories start doing their job.

Day 2

First shake down. Did vanilla w/lemon extract. I have 3 tubs of strawberry coming in today. I try to play w/the vanilla and chocolate flavors, but the only one I really enjoy is strawberry. And raspberry surge recovery, of course.

Didn’t sleep well at all last night, but that’s due to a midday HOT-ROX dose. Forgot that I can’t handle stimulants after 11am.

Moving forward…

Oh, and I bought a bathroom scale yesterday but I’m not sure if it’s calibrated correctly. Weight seemed much lower than expected. Maybe it’s right - I’m going to test it w/some plates tonight.

Numbers up soon…

The sun has set on Day 2. Overall a good day. The last shake was tough to get down. Left the blender on a little too long so it was real heavily whipped. Volumetric, even.

So, so tired. Heading to bed to dream happy Patriots fan dreams. I can’t believed they pulled that one out! Wait a minute…yes I can. Classic Brady. Can’t wait to see more of Ben Watson this season.

Day 3

Love Strawberry MD.

Came down w/a cold yesterday. Haven’t had one of those in awhile. But, on the plus side, the congestion really kills my hunger.

W.O. #2 and NEPA this evening.

Will post measurements tonight. Here are the stats that I know off the top of my head.
Height: 5’6"
Weight(starting): 134.8

Still gotta take some pics. Hopefully I’ll have some time tonight.

Welcome abroad to the V-Diet. You know your way around.

I, too, love Strawberry MD!

I love your thread… Its a lot on how im feeling… so I can read yours and know someone is feeling the same… get your pics up and we will finish at about the same time… YOU CAN DO IT!

W.O. #2
RevLunge 25’s
9 9 7 7 7 3

Bentover Barbell Row 75 lbs.
8 6 6 6 5 5 4

Push Press - Dumbell 25’s
10 10 8 8 4

Barbell Curl 50 lbs.
8 7 6 5 4 4 4 2

Reverse Crunch on Slant
15 10 6 6 3

Good workout. Tough, but felt really strong. Especially since I’ve been able to bump up most of my weights since I did this in the late spring.

Feel super nauseous. Took some doing to get the Surge down. Gonna go prep some shakes for tomorrow & hope that I’m able to get the bedtime shake in me.

*** I’d like to go up to 30’s on the push press, but it my wrist don’t seem to be able to handle it. I’ll give it another shot next week.

Thanks for the encouragement, Dee! I don’t think this is the sort of thing that gets much easier the more time you do it. But it’s been relatively painless this time around.

The 1st two times I did this I had an event or a vacation at the end that I wanted to look good for. This time… nothing at the end. The goal is to maintain the progress I make, and re-tweak my cravings. For me, I’m confident its better to do it w/o any big party or event looming at the end. It keeps the context of doing the Vdiet in the frame of breaking habit and improving yourself. Otherwise, it just seems like a temporary fix. But again, that’s just my take. I totally understand the motivation that some sort of event at the end can give.

I think that part of the reason I didn’t keep it together over the summer is that my mindset was very short term.

Just managed to get my last shake down. Had to make it really watery. I’ve never had to do that before. I think it must be the congestion and the cold medicine that’s making me feel really full.

I’m all prepped for tomorrow. Time to shower and hit the sack!

I agree 100% I got married three weeks ago which is why I tried to do the diet the first time, and failed…
this time I have nothing waiting for me except winter:) I am doing it only for myself… and no one else.

and it will definetly only get harder as I get into it, but hopefully Ill make it.
At least you know what to expect cause you finished the diet before. not me… good luck I hope you get rid of the cold.

Today has not been great. I’ve been super nauseous from the cold & cold medicine which has made drinking shakes…or taking in food in general very unappealing. I’m behind by a shake and a half. Got down shake #1, almost half of shake #2, and just finished shake #3. At least it’s not a workout day. Gonna hit the gym to crank out some NEPA on the treadmill, and get another shake in. It’d be great if I got to bed by 9er.

Day 5. Nearly done.

W.O. #3 Stats:
Deadlift 85 lbs.
10 8 8 7 7

Decline DB Bench - Neutral 35’s
9 8 7 6 6 4

Pull-Ups (Assisted 90 lbs)
9 7 7 6 6 5

Hand Walkout
13 10 9 8

My appetite has been coming back a lil bit today, and the cold is getting better. I’m still not sure how I’m gonna get the last shake down. Yesterday it was a battle to have 3. So far today I’ve had 4 and just finished the Surge.

Been putting feelers out for wknd plans, and I’m reminded how difficult it can be to socialize on this diet. It’s much easier to lay low, but I don’t want to go into total hermit mode. Might have to though. It’s only a few more weeks. Plus, I could use the solitary time to study. That’s what I should do. Ok, good talk.

On another note, I’d like to have a few more comrades in V-Diet/T-Nation. I guess I got spoiled doing this in the Spring, since there were a lot of folks on here getting ready for summer. This forum feels empty compared to then. But, I guess the grass is always greener.

Good night!

I hear you! But my time on here is almost near its end. I think you are right: the time of the year will dictate how many people follows the diet. Gearing up for the end of the year, there will be less and less people. But watch out on New Year’s!

Good job on your workout!

Note to self: stick with it.

Oh, man. Last night was tough. I had my HSM, which was very good:
garden salad w/vinegarette
salmon w/spinach, tomatoes, and capers
small glass of malbec

After dinner, I kept thinking about how it would be another 7 days till HSM #2. Really made this seem impossible.

But, on the other hand…it’s only 7 days. It’ll be fine. There are starving people out there who would take any type of nutrition they can get. And I don’t feel like I’ve made a ton of progress on changing my cravings yet, which means I gotta keep pluggin.

Walking to the gym on this BEAUTIFUL day to do my VBurn. Later skaters.

W.O. #4: VBurn Challenge (Intermediate)

A respectable time in my book, especially since I felt like I couldn’t take a deep breath b/c I’m so congested. I know I can break 20 min before this whole thing is said & done.

Had a really nice walk to the gym. It’s just ridiculously gorgeous out there today. Headed to play some golf w/my pops. I’m sure we’ll use a cart, so it won’t be NEPA overload. It’s too hard to find all our stray balls on foot!

That seems like a really good time for the v-burn to me… I am going to do mine after work today and am dreading it…Nice work…

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