This Has to Be Done

I have always been overweight. Not in a “Holy shit, you’re going to die” sort of fat, but more of a gut hanging over my belt kind of way. This is attributed to the fact that I’m lazy and a procrastinator. It’s not an easy thing to admit, but I am what I am.

In the past I have weight trained. Not enough to illicit any notice from those around me though, but enough to make me happy. I powerlifted, more off than on, for the past, oh I don’t know, forever. I would train for a year or so, then take two off. I always tried to do something about my weight, but nothing ever worked because I just hated the traditional cardio I “thought” I needed to do. So I kept gaining weight, and kept gaining weight.

2 1/2 years ago I got married. And I looked absolutely terrible. I had bought a very expensive suit just for the wedding, and I ballooned so much I barely fit in it. To say I was embarrassed is an understatement. There is my wife, absolutely beautiful. And there I was. . . it was appalling.

But I still didn’t do anything to lose weight. Then my wife and I were blessed, she was pregnant. So my wife began to eat for two. And I subsequently ate for two as well. You know where this is going. There is picture of me holding my new born daughter and all I could see was my gut.

My friends kidded me, I did nothing. My coworkers insulted me, I did nothing. I said I was “Pleasantly plump”. I said I was a powerlifter, and powerlifters needed the calories. I had the excuses.

Finally in March of this year I weighed in at my gym and I was 270. The heaviest I ever was. I couldn’t chase after my daughter because I was getting out of breath. I wanted to look good in my clothes, but I couldn’t. I had enough. So I did something.

I went on a 6 week diet starting April 1st, and my mid June I dieted down to 245, where I still am today. Although I did lose weight, I was still at 30% body fat. I may have lost weight, but most of it had to be muscle. My clothes still didn’t fit right, and my gut was still there.

So I decided I had to take a radical stand. I always knew about the V-diet, but truth be told, the price was always too much for my wallet. Then one day, while telling my Dad how depressed I was, he said he would pay for it, as long as I promised to stick to it.

So here I am. Two boxes full of powders and supplements. And a head full of hope.

I need to do this. So my Dad can be proud of me. So my wife can look at me and not be grossed out. So I can shut up those who insulted me. So my daughter can have her father for a long long time.

Diet starts August 5th. See you then.

08/05/2013 - Day 1 of 28

Meal timing
5:30 am - 2 HOT-ROX with water
8:00 am - First Shake with Flameout
12:30 pm - Second Shake with Flameout
3:30 pm - Third Shake with Flameout
7:00 pm - Fourth shake with Flameout
8:30 - Fifth shake with Flameout

Nepa Walk
Duration: 38:43
Average Heartbeat - 125 bpm
Calories expended - 424

First day was not bad at all. There is some residual hunger between shakes, but that was to be expected. I will have to have my body adjust to this. I know the second day will be tougher, but I must maintain some will power. I’ve received a ton or nay-saying from colleagues at work. They say I won’t finish it and say that it can’t work. They say moderation is key and just to eat a moderate diet. Well I say Fuck’em. Moderation doesn’t work. If it did, then they wouldn’t be fat now would they.

The most difficult thing about this is dealing with the detractors. They don’t understand and never will.

Tomorrow is scheduled as my first weight training day. No offense to Mr. Waterbury and his training guide but it just didn’t interest me. I have always been a fan of Dan John’s and his methods. I decided to use his Mass Made Simple plan. I’ll explain more on why tomorrow.

Got any photos and measurements mate? The before and afters make awesome comparisons and the measurements tell a bigger tale than weight alone.

[quote]Oldnbroken wrote:
Got any photos and measurements mate? The before and afters make awesome comparisons and the measurements tell a bigger tale than weight alone.[/quote]

Unfortunately I have not yet taken measurements as I have had a tough time finding one of those cloth tape measures. Hopefully I’ll be able to find one tomorrow and will have some measurements.

And no pictures yet. I’m hoping I can convince the wife to take some of me tomorrow.

08/06/2013 Day 2 of 28

5:30 am - 2 HOT-ROX with water
8:30 am - First shake with Flameout
11:30 am - Second shake with Flameout
3:30 pm - Third Shake with Flameout
6:00 pm - 2 HOT-ROX with water
6:15 pm - NEPA Walk
7:30 pm- Fourth Shake with Flameout
9:00 pm - Fifth shake with Flameout

Duration : 37:44
Average Heartbeat: 132 bpm
Calories expended - 455

Day two, honestly wasn’t bad at all. When I woke up I had no hunger whatsoever, which was a surprise to me honestly. Instead of sticking to a specific feeding time throughout the day I decided to have a shake once I started to feel a little hungry, as long as it was approximately 3-4 hours after the previous feeding.

I was supposed to start my first day of weight training, but the wife asked if I could postpone it until tomorrow. Since this is tough enough without having and angry wife at home I decided to appease her. I basically did the same loop around the neighborhood that I did yesterday, however my avg heartbeat was 8 bps higher than yesterday. I am attributing that to the two HOT-ROX I took at 6 pm prior to the walk.

One thing I have learned the past two days is that water (well crystal light) taken when hungry helps A LOT. I have a two hour, one way, commute, from work and not having some water in my bag on the way home made it a slightly difficult trip. Drinking water would have helped. I will have to remember to bring an extra bottle with me.

I also had a tremendous amount of energy today. Typically Tuesdays are a bit easier for me than Monday’s, but I couldn’t sit still. I’m not sure what it was attributed to.

Also, I’m not sure if crystal light is allowed, but I really don’t care. If I didn’t have the different flavored beverages I would completely lost my mind drinking the same chocolate drink all day long.

I also recommend Marty Gallagher’s book “Purposely Primitive”. Marty was a powerlifing coach to some of the greats (Coan, Karowski). He has a section dedicated to cardiovascular fitness, which I am basing my NEPA walks on. If you get a chance I would suggest picking it up. It is a good read.

All in all, good day, and can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

08/07/2013 Day 3 of 28

5:30 am - Two HOT-ROX with water
8:00 am - Shake number one with Flameout
11:30 am - Shake number two with Flameout
2:30 pm - shake number three with Flameout
7:00 - Mass Made Simple Training day 1
8:00 - Surge with water
9:30 Shake number 4 with Flameout

Mass Made Simple Training Day 1 - Break in day
Bench Press - 115lbsx5x2
Batwings - 30lbsx10 secondsx2
Complex - Rowx3, Clean x3, Front Squat x3, Press x3, Squatx3, Good Morningx3
Set 1 - 45lbsxcomplex
Set 2 - 65xcomplex
Squat - 95lbsx23
One arm press = 30lbs x5x2


I’m having a hard time with the shakes. Just thinking about another chocolate shake make me gag. I have to use all my will power to get them down. And yes I missed a shake. I leave work at 5 pm and don’t get home until 7 which then I would get my training in… I thought I’d be able to get 4 shakes in while at work, but I just couldn’t do it. In hindsight I’m not sure what made me think I could as 8-5 is 9 hours, and with 4 shakes that is a shake about every 2 hours. My stomach couldn’t handle that. On non-training days it was 3 shakes at work, one when I got home, NEPA, then one before bed. I’ll have to figure out something on training days.

I took some, albeit probably not very accurate measurements. The most important thing, second only to the health and self esteem benefits, to me is looking damn good in my suit and clothes. I want to be the guy who comes into the office looking like he was just at a shoot at GQ. So I only took the measurements that matter most when being fitted for a suit (I’m omitting arm length, inseam, outseam, etc. I can’t get shorter or taller, so those don’t count here).

I took two set of measurements. At lunch I had the guy at Mens Wearhouse measure my vitals, and I took them myself when I got home. I didn’t have anyone around so the measurements at home are probably a bit off. Here are the numbers

Mens Wearhouse / / Home measurements
Neck/Shirt Size - 19 inches // 17 1/2 inches
Shoulder - 56 inches // 52 1/2 inches
Chest - 48 inches// 44 inches
Waist - 42 inches //43 1/2 inches
Hips - 46 inches // 42 inches

Now there is a stark difference between the two, but that is probably attributable to the MW guy giving me the suit size/pant size he thinks I should get. But I think he over estimated anyway. Those guys are always in suits too big and pants too long. At the end of all this I’ll go back and see if I went down a size or two.

LASTLY, and the more fun part of all this, the weight training. I haven’t trained in 4 months, and I lost 30lbs, so my strength is quite low. That is ok, it will come back. The reason I picked Mass Made Simple, by Dan John, is three fold.
a. The program is to help skinny kids gain muscular weight. Which means it is a hypertrophy program. I’m basically a skinny fat kid right now, so the program, along with the ton of protein I’m taking will help get me some muscle back.
b. Complexes - I don’t care how much weight used, or how low the reps are, you will breathe real hard, and you will sweat. Sweat= fat loss.
c. High Rep Squats - Everything I read about high rep squats is that it makes your whole body grow like a weed. AND it sheds a keg of fat off you. I was supposed to do 30 reps, but my legs gave out at 23. It doesn’t matter. I was breathing hard, my lungs seared, and I was sweating like a hostage.

So that’s today. It’s not getting easier but I gotta keep on going.

Until tomorrow.


5:30 am - Two HOT-ROX with water
8:00 am- Shake 1 with Flameout
12:00 pm - Shake 2 with Flameout
3:30 pm - Shake 3 with Flameout
7:00 pm - Shake 4 with Flameout
9:15 -Shake 5 with Flameout

Duration: 37:34
Avg Heartbeat - 131 bpm
Calories Expended - 449

Not much to write about. Just keep on truckin. .

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