This Fatty is Sick of Being Fat


Ive always been stronger than average, but really fat and in bad shape.I am 25 years old, 5’10, 243lbs. I played football in HS, and was pretty good(played for my provincial team in Canada, guard). I left HS weighing 230, and was heading into University to try out for the football team there, so I beefed up to 260 over the summer. On our testing day I benched 225 for 25 reps, but cant remember any other stats.

By winter of my freshman year I was 280 lbs, and could bench 315 for 3 sets of 12, I was doing strongman log presses, could do around 300lbs. For squats I would do 3 sets of 12 with around 355, and deadlift I could max out around 550. All these lifts were ok, I felt pretty strong, and didnt use any gear or anything, not that you would need it for those weights. But I was really fat, and hated looking in a mirror.

After that year I decided I didnt want to play football anymore, and left Uni. I got the chance to go play rugby for a team in Australia, so I knew I had to get in shape. I did the v diet, starting around 265 pounds, and went down to around 205 after a couple of months. But I didnt follow the diet exactly, some days I would get bad cravings and would give in. I would eat a whole tray of Nanaimo bars(maybe they only sell these in Canada), and drink a whole 2L of coke. Afterwards I would feel horrible, and the next day i would not eat anything and do lots of cardio. So Im sure I lost much muscle out of all of that weight I lost. My strength stayed alright, the only thing I remembered was that I did a log press, 225 pounds for 12 reps at the end of the diet.

So off I went to Australia, and then to England, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, and Tonga. I was away from home for 4 years playing rugby. My weight fluctuated those 4 years around 230lbs most of the time. I never did any weight training in the last 4 years, just rugby. My last stint was in Tonga, where I met my wife. Long story short, we got married, and then 4 days later she told me that she never loved me, and then she ran away with another guy. So I came back home.

I get back home, now what? I was 230 pounds, had ok cardio but hadnt touched a weight in years. I got a job, but was back living with Mom and Dad. Being at home, and sad about the marriage, I started eating horribly. I got up to 250, and decided enough was enough. My eating habbits were horrible, and I wasnt training at all. So i joined the gym,and started eating things like oatmeal, almonds, lean meats, fish, chicken, sweet potatoes, having protein shakes with extra fiber, and cutting out bad foods. After one month Im down to around 240. But once a week I have been binging.

I want to start the V-Diet again and this time do it right. I want to cut out the binging, and lose some more weight. My goal right now is to drop down to around 190, because I cant remember a time seeing the scale read under 200, since grade 7. My strength is not what it used to be, I can becnh 280 for 12 reps, where a month ago I could do it for 3 reps. Squats, I can do 315 for 5 reps.

Im at work right now, so later I will post some beginning pictures, and some measurements.


Sounds like a plan, Telu. We’re here to help.

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