Third Week Question, Plateau?

So, I am about 2.5 weeks in. Things are going very well. 100% compliance to date other than that I weigh myself more than specified.

I started at 215 and about 16% bf. First week lost 6 lbs, second week lost 4.5. This week things seem to have stabilized. I’ve gone down about .3 lbs and I no longer feel all that hungry. I am guessing my body has adapted a bit, and that since my body fat percentage wasn’t terribly high to begin with, I am getting into tougher fat to lose.

Are these kinds of plateaus normal and stay the course is the right answer, or am I missing something? Many thanks in advance.

It can be. Part will depend on how much progress you made so far (and you’ve been solidly on track, so that’s a good thing). As you get leaner, you won’t typically see drastic progress like you might’ve when you had relatively more fat to lose.

Part of the issue can also depend on what you were doing before the Velocity Diet, like if you were previously dieting for a while and then jumped into the plan, you sort of have a “headstart” towards a plateau because you were dieting for a longer total period.

But yeah, stay on track and let the plan do its job. There is some wiggle room built into the plan. Like the manual says, you can scale back the calories HSM on non-lifting days a bit, and/or drop one scoop from one of the day’s shakes.

Just make sure you’ve been tracking measurements, too, and not just going by scale weight. If the scale only says you’re down .3 pounds but your waist is down a half-inch from last week, you’re in a good place.

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