Third Week, Increase Hot-Rox?


Hi Chris:
I am in the third week and it is going well. I am down about 15 pounds. I find the workouts challenging. Is it normal to feel a little less energetic at this time of the diet.

I am up to 3 HOT-ROX per day and it is working. Should I go to four. I took four the first day and ended up with a volcanic headache.
I am really looking forward to some real food. I look at an apple in the fridge and relate to Eve.
Down 2% BF


I couldn’t handle 4 HOT-ROX for the first few days but it went from being sick to them being the best thing in the world. So it could change for you as well!


Four should be fine (two per dose) since you’ve worked your way up.


Thanks, the tests have kicked my butt. It looks easy on paper but another story on the gym floor.
You mentioned something about magic of tour relationship with food with this diet. What is that all about? Jerry


“magic of tour relationship”

Sorry, not sure what you mean. Then again, maybe I need some caffeine!


I looked back at the post I was referring to. You said there was a “tasting/craving changes that are part of the V-Diet magic” I was just wondering about that. I know you are a busy person so thank you in advance. Jerry


I can answer that!

Plain and simple! I loved, and craved junk food! After the V-Diet (and during) those went away and all I want at times was a big salad! or meat! or fruits! and fruits I hated before I now love…I’ve tried quite a few new things during my transition phase that I didn’t like before hand and now crave all the time.

Driving past a fast food or ice cream joint isn’t a problem either.


Yes, long story short, through a variety of mechanisms, both mental and physiological, the V-Diet can you you lose bad cravings and negative food-related behaviors and start enjoying healthy foods more. In short, you’re in control of food, not the other way around. Takes 21 continuous days at least, but 28 – the length of the strict phase of the V-Diet – is better.


Just reporting in. I had the best Monday workout to date. Did Front Squat with 185. Legs were good upper body was the problem. Did several sets of two.
Almost hit my target wt of 100 Lbs on the DB Bench. Did 95s for 20 again several short sets.
Chins were with a plate 250 with my body wt so felt good about that.

Had three whole food meals this weekend. Cringe. They were great two salads with chicken and one chicken breast with coleslaw. I don’t think it will set me back much.
The test I did on Sunday morning and I trimmed off 6 minutes. I think the day of rest helped tremendously.
Looking forward to the end of the intense phase. Jerry


Hi Chris, I have finished the four intense weeks. I am down 15pounds four percent BF. Lost three inches in the waist (like that).

I set a record for myself with deadliest Friday, I did 315 for forty reps. I also improved again on the test now down to 26 mins. I would like to get my bw in the front squat and do 100 pound db BP tomoerrow,but I am still feeling tired from Friday. Should I sort of reload this week?
I also wondered if people continued to lose during the last two weeks?


Yes, fat loss usually continues during the Transition phase. Now, with more solid food and a few more carbs from HSMs, you may replenish muscle glycogen and add some temporary “water weight” back. Don’t panic, it’s normal, and stay off the scale or it’ll drive you nuts with natural fluctuations.

Good news that will make you feel and look more pumped in the gym and you’ll be ready for some harder work two or three days into it.

Great work so far!


Thank you, I want to see this through to the end. The weight fluctuations is always a bit of a head game. Feeling a little slow and sore this morning. I will see how I feel at the gym after my warm up. If the warm up weights still feel heavy, I may do the workout with a little less wt this morning. Wait and see. Jerry


Nice change up on the workout. I wasn’t expecting that but it came at the right time. I was wondering how I was going to do the old workout again. Mental
I tried 100 pounders since we have been working on that for a while. I have been so close before. I got five reps with 100 pounders so that is a PB and I feel good about it. I think I could have done 105s.

I really like pull ups and chins, but decided to do lat pull downs underhanded today and it is the same but different from chins. I like it. Maybe is isn’t as hard on the elbows either.
Have a fine week Chris, I have wondered how you do this. Answering all these posts must get old. Jerry


Finished up the diet today. Did the last test in 20 min. That is quite an improvement over the first week when I did four circuits in about 30 mins. W

I seemed to stall out the last two weeks I stayed the same BF and put on a few pounds. All in all I am still pleased with the results. Will do it again someday. My wife said I was cranky some of the time and doesn’t want me to repeat it.
Thank you Chris for putting it together. Jerry