Third Week Frustration

Ok, wife is in week 3 of Velocity. First week down 5lbs, great, second week was maybe another 1-2lb down. Now back up 3lbs. She is totally frustrated. I believe the slow down and what could be a gain is due to the fact we have been hitting weights again more consistently and she is regaining some lost muscle mass.

We are both former physique competitors. But you know how women are about what the scale tells them, even if mirror is telling different story. She is going to start some Tabata sessions this evening, and do as often per week as able. We are 42 and she is worried that her metabolism may be shot.

I think you’re right. As former physique athletes, it’s quite possible to be gaining muscle on the V-Diet, especially with all the protein and Surge Recovery. Plus, women can easily fluctuate several pounds a day and up to 10 pounds due to “that time of the month.” It’s why I think that weighing on the scale is largely unneeded and even destructive. But I knew if I didn’t put some guidelines in there people would weight every day (or many times per day!) and really drive themselves nuts. All I can say is that I hope she’s taking the recommended tape measurements. That usually puts things into perspective.

Here’s something I wrote recently for new V-Dieters:

"First, keep this in mind: If you gain five pounds muscle and lose five pounds of fat you’ll look much better. Your clothes will fit better, you’ll feel better, and you’ll look better naked. Jaws will drop. But the scale will show “no progress” because your weight will be the same.

You can naturally fluctuate 5-10 pounds over the course of a single day too. Plus the average person defecates two pounds per day. Whether you “need to go” or you “just went” can alter scale readings. So scale weight can be very tricky, and it should never be used as the sole tool for tracking your progress. Still, it can help shed some light on what’s happening over the long-term, if you follow the rules and take each weigh-in with a grain of salt.

To get an accurate, consistent body-weight measurement, weigh yourself first thing in the morning. Do it before you eat or drink and after you go to the bathroom. Always weigh wearing the same thing (or nothing), using the same scale. Record your starting weight. You’ll be weighing in once per week on the V-Diet, always on the same day. I suggest Saturday or Sunday morning. Don’t weigh yourself more often than that or those natural body-weight fluctuations will drive you nuts. And remember, the V-Diet training plan is probably helping you gain some muscle too, so again, don’t put too much stock into the bathroom scale."

Us women fluctuate weight through out our hormonal cycle. We don’t lose weight linearly. As I approach my monthly cycle I swell up a few pounds no matter how little I consume. I am no expert of any sort but I would say it’s probably routine weight fluctuations due to our hormones more so than a sudden metabolic drop.

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