Third Time the Charm? My V-Diet Log...Again!

Day 13/28:

It’s been a couple days since I did an update. frankly I was tired, and no one responds. :wink:

1.2 mile NEPA walk. Weak walk but was with the kids and it was 95 deg. Had to cut it short and couldn’t go fast.

Nothing to report.

Well I did mix 100% cacao powder, no sugar, in with my vanilla shake. Not only did it taste amazing, cocoa powder, especially the non-sugary kind is good for you. My saouce is, but you need to pay to read their article. Here is a link from Healthline: 11 Health and Nutrition Benefits of Cocoa Powder

Various meals. Nothing bad to note.

After going 12 days with no alcohol…something I haven’t done in years! I had some last night. Just a very small glass of champagne to celebrate a promotion for my wife.

Hey John,

Thank you for the reply. Good luck starting on your diet. All I can say is just power through and you will find your rhythm for this diet. I revel in the challenge when my coworkers are eating great food in front of me. I know that the self control I’m showing now will pay dividends down the road. And I’m not talking just for these 28 days…because what really matters is what happens after.

The REAL work starts after you complete the diet…because then justification to go back to the olds ways can start to creep in. Use this time to rewire your brain to learn:

  • I don’t NEED X amount of drinks each night…I went 28 days without
  • I don’t NEED that X treat I see hanging around the break room…I went 28 days without
  • I don’t need to eat crappy meal after crappy meal…I went 28 days drinking shakes and have one healthy solid meal a day

Hang in there, buddy!

Day 16/28:

3.18 mile NEPA walk
1.41 mile walk

Nothing to report.

Chicken soup loaded with chicken and veggies.

Nothing really.

I forgot to mention that on my weekly weigh on last Sunday, I dropped 5lb more. Total so far is 13.1lb.

Looking good! Down 13 pounds is awesome. congrats

Hope you keep it going, but sounds like you’ve found a good rhythm. I’m 10 days out now and have stayed flat in weight, which is what I was shooting for. HAve added back calories and picked up my training a good amount, which is what I like to do. AND have had a few desserts, snacks, and other reasonable things but kept them to a minimum within the constraints of a 90% very healthy diet.

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