Third Time the Charm? My V-Diet Log...Again!

Here I go again. I stated in a previous post that I have failed the V-diet two times before, it had not failed me. My de-railer was always alcohol.

So here I go for a third time with many good reasons, more than ever really, to give it a good go. With that in mind, I am going to create my own kind of log with my own categories. Something I hope will motivate me and maybe others.

START DATE: Sunday, June 6th, 2021.

Why am I doing this diet?

  • To jump start my weight loss plan. I need to drop around 20% body weight.
  • To be healthy.
  • To lower my triglycerides.
  • To live longer because…
  • I have my very young kids to be around for.
  • I have my wife I need to be there for, and to torture of course. :wink:
  • To be in better shape for my job, which can be physically demanding
  • To set a good example for my kids and even my wife. Lead from the front.
  • To look better in clothes.
  • To lessen the chance of heart attack or stroke.
  • To get my love of beer in check.
  • To stop making excuses.
  • To start good habits.

I am keeping this realistic for my personal needs. I won’t be measuring anything other than maybe my waist…because that is my primary goal. And even with that, my goal is to lose fat and keep losing fat…the waist size will come with that.

Height: 6’0" (182ish CM)
Waist size:

My promise to myself, my friends, my wife, and this forum:
Consistent (daily) reporting which hopefully means greater accountability. Wityh this promise in mind I will report:

  • The facts
  • The failures
  • The successes
  • The emotions
  • The feedback
  • The excuses
  • The food I eat
  • The things I drink (even alcohol…damn you, summertime beers!)
  • Any substitutions I make to the prescribed V-diet products

My Exercises
It is important for me to note, and this may frustrate some, I will not be following the exercises as described for a few reasons:

  • My spine surgery from a few years ago prevents me from heavy lifting. Although ironically, I can carry my fat ass around.
  • I’ve just started a running routine with my wife and if I stick to it, she will stick to it. So I have to keep that going. Which may mean a need for more calorie intake. I’ll be using trial and error.
  • I will try to follow the prescribed routines as closely as possible using the dumbbells I have.

My current stack (vitamins/supplements):

  • Magnesium capsule
  • Garlic/Turmeric/Bioperine/Ginger/Curcumin capsules
  • Vitamin D3
  • Creatine (in the form of Kre-Alkalyn capsules)

That’s it for now.

Actually found a site with more specific directions of how to get your wait and hip measurements. Which was car more concerning but in line with what I was suspecting.

Waist: 119CM
Hips: 113CM
WHR: 1.05 (Health risk: high) = No Bueno.

And I forgot good old wait to height (WHtR), another good indicator: 0.66 (>0.5 = Greater risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and lower life span.)

So that’s why I’m here.

Well for some reason I can’t edit my post to update it with my numbers. So…

Height: 6’0"
Weight: 256.3lb
Waist: 48 1/8th"
Hips: 44"
WHR: 0.92 (waist-to-hip ratio) I’m surprised this isn’t higher.

My ultimate goal is to get down to 200 lb. Not after this 28 days of the V-diet. My only expectation is to just improve with no numbers in mind other than “better”.

Day 1/28:

NEPA Walk: This is a lie. I realized quickly that 4mph is no joke. You have to hustle. 4.04mile, 15m04s pace for a 60+ min walk.

Shakes: Nothing of note.

HSM: Got home late and made some chicken, fettuccine, some cheese and broccoli.

Nothing of note. After all it’s day one. No real cravings. Just have to check my thinking because I am so used to being to grab a bite of this and that at home or at work.

Congrats on getting started! My only non-expert thought is careful with the running. I’ve found myself operating right on the edge of feeling rundown at times, especially physically, from the diet. I think any extra calorie burn would have taken me there.

Obviously, you have to do what you hvae to do, and there’s probably a good way to add a few extra calories there, but just feels risky to throw off the plan and / or make it harder on your body when it’s not easy to begin with. Wondering if you can maybe do your NEPA while your wife runs (I know that’s not the same, but if you leave the house and come back at the same time, together, it feels like a compromise of sorts, and you can still hold each other accountable).

Good luck! First couple days were the hardest for me - and then weekends, so you’ve check the box on each of those so far.

Hey thanks for the reply. You aren’t wrong on the running. I will try to balance it out with a couple things: 1) swap some of the recommended exercises and 2) if I have to, increase the calories; which I don’t think I’ll have to.

While I am deviating from the plan verbatim I am following the framework and sticking to the recommended calories unless it just doesn’t work. A little bit of trial and error is part of the process.

It’s a great idea to do the NEPA while the wife runs, but I know her and she will not like that I’m not running. Plus it is following a prescribed running program with an app which really helps her.

I’m sure you can appreciate that it’s all a balancing act!

I hope your diet is going well. You have a about a week or two left?

Day 2/28:


  • 1.89 mile run/walk
  • .61 mile walk
  • Push-ups (5x9) instead of V-diet bench press
  • V-diet Plank Holds

Not so much a fan of the constant sweetness and artificial sweetness. Might need some kind of savory, super low-cal thing with shakes. Just for the salt not anything more than that.

Got home late (shift work) and made some salmon, rice, and green beans.

Co-workers encouraging but also not helpful. My buddy at work who is a fitness maniac picked up some donut holes and offered me one. I’m like dude! It’s only day two and you’re offering me that shit?! lol

Anyway. Sore from the walks/runs and fact I am out of shape and rotund. But I know it’ll get better.

I also think I need to drink more water during the day.

I have always had a lot of water, and have probably tripled my water intake on this diet. Helps me feel full and like I’m constantly consuming things, so I think slightly less about food. I have also found sparkling water to be helpful because the carbonation fills me up, and no cals. I have used Coke Zero for my higher struggle moments, since the flavor and everything else feels more like food, and soda fills me up.

In all, I found drinking to be a very helpful way to resist eating and snacking. And to feel more full. I do pee like 100 times a day though, which is annoying when you’re back to back on calls for 10 straight hours.

Day 3/28:


  • 3.83 mile NEPA walk
  • 1.2 mile walk

Nothing of note. Hungrier than I’ve been the past two days, but nothing difficult.

Chicken, fettuccine, and broccoli. Water.

Nothing of note. Sore from the walking and running but nothing that isn’t manageable.

Good tips. Thanks dude. Thankfully I don’t have to respond from call to call in my current assignment. I’m driving a desk for now. Makes this diet a little easier.

Day 4/28:


  • 2.1 mile run/walk
  • 1.26 mile walk

Nothing of note. Been drinking more water. Co-workers have been ordering their usual food. No real struggles with them eating. I think I enjoy the challenge of not eating.

Quickly made tuna casserole. It was midnight. Water.

Nothing of note. Sore from the walking and running but nothing that isn’t manageable.

Day 5/28:

4.03 mile NEPA walk (15m 11s mile/avg)
1.36 mile family walk

Clock was off today so skipped the mid-afternoon shake.

Panda express! BUT their green veggies (which aren’t half bad) and double kung-pao. Easily under 700 cals. Water.

Legs and feet hurt. Everything else feel normal. Arms are a lil tired from workout.

Onward and upward.

Day 6/28:

2.19 mile run
1.06 mile walk
1.95 mile family hike

Today was a challenge because wife’s sister and their kids came over. So ate early than usual and a little more than usual. But nothing bad. And I skipped a shake to offset the calories.

Challenge was seeing all the snacks and not indulging.

See above.

Super sore from all the activity but enjoying it at the same time too.

Onward and upward.

Day 7/28:


3.64 mile NEPA walk
Tons of yard work.
Very warm day.

I was kind of infrequent on shakes. When I get busy with things around the house I tend to skip meals. But tried to get back on things at night.

This was a VERY tough day due to heat and activity. Really wanted a beer but opted for some fever tree ginger beer. Too much sugar, but a small bottle.

Butter chicken, rice, gobi (cauliflower fixed up Indian-style). Water. Lots of Seltzer water.

Super sore from all the activity but enjoying it at the same time too.

Onward and upward. Weigh in tomorrow.

Day 7/28:


1.93 mile run
1 mile walk

Nothing to report except I skipped the last shake of the previous night and I was DEFINITELY low energy this morning.

Butter chicken, rice, cauliflower, brussel sprouts. Water.

One week weigh in: 248.2. A loss of 8.1lbs. Mostly water I’d imagine. Week two will be more telling.

Special challenge met: No booze of any kind since I started this diet.

Day 9/28:

3.65 mile NEPA walk
.93 mile walk

Nothing new really. Wish I had bought chocolate now to mix it up.

Pork, baked potato, brussel sprouts. Water.

Nothing really.

Looks like you’re still rolling! And don’t discount the 8 (!) pounds in week 1. That’s awesome and huge progress. Give yourself credit, use it to motivate, and keep going!

Totally agreed with you on missing meals on the weekends. I think i mentioned in my posts, but I did two things to help fight that:

  1. brought shakers with two scoops in there everywhere with me, even if I didn’t expect to need it while I was out. Sometimes, plans run long, etc…, and i would mix one up in the car on the way home and drink it.
  2. Canned shakes - helped a ton, especially on those pinch moments on the weekend when I went to the fridge, or didn’t feel like blending, or was running out of the house. Super portable, easier to drink for some reason, and still really good nutrition. I used Pure Protein. Plus, drinking out of a can feels like a treat sort of compared to a shaker bottle or Magic Bullet cup.

Agree that missing meals, especially the nighttime one, had big implications for my energy levels, which in turn, affected my motivation.

Day 10/28:

1.87 miles run
1.73 mile walk

Nothing to report.

Pork, beans, rice. Water.

Nothing really.

Hey B,

Thanks for the great advice. That will come in handy, especially on the weekends! Being without shakes and being around food while out and about can be a recipe for failure.

The main thing I’ve been missing is that last shake of the night. Energy has been okay–depends on what I do that next morning, run vs walk.

I’m just starting tomorrow for the first time, love your details and accountability! I’ll follow your posts and wish you success in this endeavor!

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