Third Go-Round

I’ve done this twice before in it’s earlier incarnations, with some success. I injured my back and spent the last 2 years getting back up to speed. For 12 weeks prior I’ve been lifting 5 days a week to get back in shape (yes I know, round is a shape).

So my stats that I care about are:
height: 6’
Weight: 205lbs
Waist: 41 inches
% BF: 26% (by calipers)

I’m camera shy and don’t care about the other stats. My primary motivation is Ruthlessly practical. When I weigh more than 185lbs, I experience chronic low back pain!
My long term goals are to get to <185 lbs. My back injury doesn’t flair up when I keep my body weight below that.

I’d like to get to single digit %BF some day. So we’ll see how this goes and plan accordingly.

I’m following the V-Diet strictly as advertised with Biotest supplements only. (I once tried the diet with knock off stuff and got $#!++y results).

I’ll post weekly updates and let you all know how it’s going.


I’m on my 3rd go around on this too.

Let us know what you think about the program tweaks.

Glad to have you back. I do suggest you do the tape measurements though. They can be motivating for weeks when the scale doesn’t show much but the tape shows an inch or two off the belly.

Whatever you choose, be sure to keep us updated!

well, it’s been a week and I’m down 5 lbs, and 2 inches off the gut.
Had an ugly moment when I tackled a small kid for his lolly pop. Imagine my horror at discovering it was sugar free! I got it together and then bought him sugar filled replacement. Pretty sure he kept it our little secret). Couldn’t look him in the eye…
I think perhaps, I’ll avoid all unnecessary contact with the public till the carb monkey is off my back!


another week and I’m down 1" off the gut, and 2 lbs. On Sunday instead of the V-burn challenge, I spread mulch and compost for 4 hours and dug a 30 foot long trench in clay for 2 1/2 hours. As for the diet I’m still following the plan religiously! Strangely my BF by caliper hasn’t changed?

Any thoughts?

Entering the final week and I’m down another 1" off the gut and down one pound. I did more yard work for 6 hours Sunday instead of the V-burn challenge. Last week I was running our of gas during all my lifts.
My back is a lot more forgiving so the weight loss is defiantly helping. If I can keep my weight below 195 after comming off this go round it will be Huge for me! We’ll see if I can keep it there for the summer. I’m already planning on another round towards the end of summer to drop below 185.

I got sick Tuesday (bad cold) and had to skip lifting and some of the diet most of the week. Chicken noodle soup and lots of sleep. Started back up on the diet, but lost 3 days…


Well, I’m transition off the diet this week. I’ve lost another pound, and no change on the gut. So over all I’d say it was a success!
Looking forward to seeing how much I can keep off after the transition. I’m going to a friends wedding this weekend, so I’ll be dodging the wedding cake.

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