Thinking of Starting Velocity Diet

My name is Scott and I want some input before I start the V-Diet.

I’m 16 years old and been consistently weight training for about 6 months following an athlete training program from my school, then I started doing workouts from Muscle Revolution by Chad Waterbury (currently following total body training). I have been eating fairly closely to the Precision Nutrition program.

My goals: Go from 162 pounds at 15% body fat to 175 pounds at 6-8% body fat. I’m not concerned about strength right now.

The main reason I’m looking to start the V-Diet is I got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out 4 hours ago. Since I have to be eating liquid meals, I figure the V-Diet is the only program I could follow.

Am I too young to start this diet?
Is there anything I should modify for my condition?

Any responses will be appreciated.

Have a kick ass day! ;D

The V-Diet is NOT for you.

[quote]capoeirakid wrote:
I’m 16 years old …

Am I too young to start this diet?[/quote]

Yes, you are.

Not only are you too young to be taking HRX (which is an integral part of the V-Diet), but I’d say you’re too young to start a serious cutting plan. I’d focus on cleaning up your nutrition and increasing your activity (workouts and non-workouts.)

Focus on building muscle. It’s going to be more productive than trying to cut fat, and the end results will be pretty much the same. Pop math quiz:

Scott weighs 162 pounds with 15% bodyfat. How many pounds of lean body mass does Scott have? If Scott adds 15 pounds of lean body mass over the next three months, what is his new bodyfat percentage and what time does the plane land in Sacramento?

(By the way, we could just switch our focus away from hitting a certain bodyfat percentage. It would save us a whole heap of math headaches.)

The Department of Redundancy Department called. They’d like their sentence structure back. :wink: (Sorry man, couldn’t resist.)

Metabolic Drive Complete, Superfood, and Flameout. Your three new staples, in addition to Precision Nutrition-based whole food as soon as that’s possible.

Learn the basics of proper nutrition and training, and you’ll gain much more in the long run. 162 lbs at 15% BF is NOT a good weight to cut from.

Order Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto, or Precision Nutrition by Berardi immeditely and make either one (or both) your bible.

You could benefit greatly from better eating habits and a really solid lifting routine. No need to do anything drastic, especially at your age.


Haha Chris C. I guess I’m being stupid right now. Drugs from getting wisdom teeth pulled out must have affected my thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

To get to my goal I’d have to gain 23.3 pounds of lean muscle mass and lose 10 pounds of fat.Working towards the goal weight then goal bodyfat should be easiest.

I’ll put in an order of Superfood, Metabolic Drive and Flameout when I can get enough money for it.

A-dizz, I said I’m already on PN. >_> I’ll get the Tom Venuto book though.

Any ideas on eating following PN with liquid foods only? All I can think of is shakes, soups and blending up some chili.

dude gettin your wisdome teeth out is like a 6 day recovery at most. I had 4 wisdom and one inner-jaw extra tooth done and it only took 1.5 weeks. Just eat milks shakes and super shakes with oats you silly guy.

Plus you’re like eleven-teen or so and are still going through puberty. time to eat a ton and use those hormones fool. Gian that muscle. It will eat the fat for you, per se.

Stay 80-90% on PN and you’ll be flying in no time.


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