Thib's BDWP - Plazma/Mag-10/Brain Candy Supplement Questions/Advice

Hi All!

New to posting on here, and I’ve tried browsing other forum posts to find answers, but I’m looking for some confirmation/fine tuning here… I’m currently using SWF, but have used Plazma in past & loved it
I’m planning to purchase the 5/3/1 supplement stack (Plazma, Mag-10, Brain Candy) likely with an additional Plazma, but I’ll be following Thib’s Best Damn Workout Plan for Natties.

  1. Is half a dose of Brain Candy per day ok despite the 1/day recommendation? (nervous about neuro-enhancers)
  2. Timing of a single daily serving of Mag-10: 1 hour post, before bed, or 1/2 dose 1hr PWO & 1/2 dose before bed?
    2b. if PWO, how do i time breakfast? Lift first thing in AM pre-breakfast.
  3. For this workout program, is 2 doses of Plazma still recommended? Considering 1 scoop to stay in-budget
  4. Long-term: Would 2 servings of Plazma & no Mag-10, or 1 serving of Plazma & 1 serving Mag-10 on workout days be best? Don’t think the budget can sustain 2 doses Plama/ 1 dose Mag-10/Brain Candy long term.

26 Y/O, 6’0, ~185lb intermediate lifter (former college baseball player), whose been lifting for past 10-12 years… Have been on/off for past couple years.
Primary goal is gaining muscle/strength without adding fat.
I lift first thing in AM at 7 - no breakfast prior to training. Preload SWF
Formerly used Thib’s HP Mass program, but wanted to give this one a go.

Thanks in advance for the help here! Trying to ensure I get the most out of the supplements.

For sure. You’ll be getting less than a full dose of the ingredients, so the effects won’t be full-force, but if you’re monitoring your tolerance or adjusting intake for whatever reason, that’s always a good call.

Like, I’ve never used original Brain Candy and only ever used caffeine-free because I’m trying to keep a handle on my daily caffeine intake and don’t want to drop Spike from my daily routine.

I’ve always liked Mag-10 right before bed. It hits the sweet-tooth/dessert craving and I like basically “marinating” my muscles in the amino pulse overnight. One serving shortly after training or first thing in the morning (sort of “pre-breakfast”) would be my next-best choices in terms of getting the best bang from it.

One scoop, started shortly before training and sipped during the session, should be fine. If there’s a particular workout during the week that’s just brutal (like A2 with the front squats and bench), two might help overall recovery. But you wouldn’t be sacrificing much sticking with one, especially if you “reinforce” recovery with a serving of Mag-10 sometime during the day.

Depends a little on your overall nutrition plan, but I’d lean toward one serving of each being a solid consistent approach. Again, it’s because of the way that program is setup.

If it was more of a classic bodybuilding routine with one brutal leg workout per week, one day for chest/tris, and a day for back/bis, then I’d go two servings on leg day, with one/one on the other workouts. Make sense?

Hi Chris,

I really appreciate the response here - Thank you! Great feedback because I was leaning toward the 2 scoops Plazma & no Mag-10 based off other posts I’d read…

So to summarize: recommendation now & long term on this type program is
1/2 caffeine free Brain Candy as soon as I wake up (trying to mostly eliminate caffeine intake)
1 serving/scoop Plazma - Preload & throughout training
1 dose (2 scoops) Mag-10 before bed


Follow up question:
For a metabolic drive type PWO shake (micellar casein + whey isolate), do I just remove the one I’ve been taking PWO completely? So go Plazma, training with Plazma, then breakfast? Or Plazma, train w/ Plazma, shake, breakfast? I usually eat 30-45 min after training.

Thanks again!

I dig it. Sounds like a plan.

This is fine. The Plazma has you very well-covered so a post-workout shake isn’t a priority.

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