Therizza's V-Diet

Height- 72"
Weight- 220
Neck- 15 1/8"
Shoulders- 48 1/2"
Chest - Upper- 43"
Chest - Lower- 39"
Waist - at Navel- 37 1/4"
Waist - at largest- 38 1/4"
Hips - at largest- 37
Upper Arm - L- 15 1/2"
Upper Arm - R- 15 1/4"
Upper Leg - L- 26 1/4"
Upper Leg - R- 26 1/2"
Lower Leg - L- 16"
Lower Leg - R- 16 1/2"
Ankle - L- 9 1/4"
Ankle - R- 9 1/4"

Day 1
The shakes went down alright, though blending them is totally better than shaking them. I had some killer brain fog between lunch and meal 3.

Front Squat: 4x5@ 185lbs (Had to clean the bar from the ground due to squat rack curlers)
Chins: 4,3,4,4,2,2,1@ BW+25LBS
DB Bench: 4x5@ 70lbs
Hand walkouts subbed for ab wheel rollouts as I don’t have one.

NEPA walk + an hour at the driving range

Day 2
Nothing big, a little brain fog still come midday.

NEPA walk

Day 3
Dinosaur farts are emerging, I fear I’ll kill someone on the subway on the way to work with one.

A. Reverse Lunge: 8,8,9,7,6,2@ 50 lb. DBs
B. Bent-Over Barbell Rows: 9,8,9,9,5@ 135 lbs.
C. Barbell Push Press: 9,9,7,5,5,5@ 115 lbs.
D. Barbell Curls: 8,8,6,6,7,5@ 65 lbs.
E. Reverse Crunch on slant board: 9,9,9,9,4

NEPA Walk went fine, felt like passing out after it actually.

Overall I look like a zombie and feel like shit. Hopefully it gets better. But hey, it’s as much mental toughness training as it is a bodyfat blitzkrieg, isn’t it?

Day 4
NEPA walk 1 hour on the street about 3 miles w/hills

Good news is brain fog and hunger pangs are subsiding.

Keep going it does get easier,post up some pics so we can see how your doing.sometimes you need outside help to boost you up through the rough times

Thanks for the words and I’ll get pix up soon. Is that your kid in your avatar?

I think my body is getting used to eating these 5 smaller meals, as I don’t get hungry as long as I get my shake within 30 minutes of when I plan.

Side Note: I went bowling last night for some extra NEPA(lol) I bowled a 115,122,70,177,134. Needless to say I crushed all my friends. Had to turn down beer tho, but that wasn’t hard since I had my dinner shake before hitting the bowling alley and was sipping on some FREE ice water.(I never turn down beer, maybe this diet will help change that). MENTAL FORTITUDE FTW!

Day 5
A. Deadlift: 9,9,9,6,7@ 225 lbs
B. Decline DB Bench-neutral grip: 9,7,6,6,7,5@ 70 lbs.
C. Pullups- neutral grip: 5,5,5,5,3,4,4,4,4,1@ BW
D. Hand Walkouts- from toes: 10,10,10,10

Deads felt really easy. Surprising given the fact I’ve been on a liquid diet for a week! I went to see Transformers 2, and had a Diet Coke. No real craving for popcorn or anything. Pics on Sunday.

Day 6
NEPA walk. 210 on the scale! lets see what it says tomorrow.

Day 7
HSM was salmon with a plate of spinach and olives. Dessert was strawberries and cut up melon. SO FUCKING GOOD!

Did the V-Burn after the meal. I’m gonna do it before next time. I really felt drained when trying to speed the V-Burn up.

NEPA walk

Scale weight was 210.2 hoping to be down around 203-205 by next Sunday.

Side Note: I went to a 311/Ziggy Marley concert with the girlfriend. Tempted to buy some beer but the $11 price for a can was too much, plus that would fuck the diet up so I was like whatever.

Day 8
Had to drink the morning shake w/o ice because the machine was broken. A nice change of pace I guess.

Front Squat: 5,5,5,5 @ 185 lbs.
Chin-up: 5,4,4,3,3,1 @ BW+25 lbs.
DB Bench Press: 5,5,5,5 @ 70 lbs.
Hand Walkouts from Toes: 5,5,5,5

I felt a little weak to begin the squats even though I had my dinner shake an hour beforehand. But once I got the first set of squats knocked out I was in the right frame of mind. I actually improved from last week on the chins, must be the 10 pounds of scale weight I’ve dropped, eh?

NEPA walk- 1 hour on treadmill after downing Surge+ 30 minutes walking from Metro station to work/Bus stop to my house.

Overall feeling better than last week energy wise.

Day 9

NEPA walk- 1 hour on the street

Day 10

Note: Felt super flat at the workout. I even took an hour nap before I went to the gym and still felt like death. I knocked it out but fuck man this is starting to suck! BRING IT! Just gotta tell myself “Ain’t nothin’ but a peanut! Yea BUDDY!”

Reverse Lunge: 8,7,8,7,6,4 @ 50 lb. DBs
Bent Over Barbell Rows: 8,9,9,9,5 @ 135 lbs.
Barbell Push Press: 9,8,7,8,6,2 @ 115 lbs.
Barbell Curl: 9,9,9,7,6 @ 65 lbs.
Reverse Crunches on Floor: 10,10,10,10

[quote]Therizza wrote:
“Ain’t nothin’ but a peanut! Yea BUDDY!”[/quote]

light weight babay!!!

You can do it man, just listen to C.R.E.A.M. and you’ll get through.

And a bit of Angelo’s Brown Sugarrrr too

… motivation…

Pfffttt judging by that picture, you look like an Iron Flag fan


[quote]Therizza wrote:
Thanks for the words and I’ll get pix up soon. Is that your kid in your avatar?[/quote]

Yes thats my Joshua…thinks he’s sporticus and only eats sports candy(which is just fruit so not a bad role model for now!).You really need to get some pics up and let others see how well you are doing.All the best

Day 11

NEPA Walk 1 hour on the road

Note: Spent all day at Quantico, Virginia watching my buddies graduating from Marine Officer Candidate School and catching up with them. Good times.

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