Thenewguy's Micro-PA Log

Hey, all,

Haven’t posted in a while, but decided to change that!

Received 2 bottles of Micro-PA a couple days ago, still too early to pass judgement, but going to use this thread to log my thoughts.

A little background, been prepping for my 2nd bodybuilding show(first one was in june of 2011, powerlifting in between) for about 24 weeks so far, with 9 weeks left to go. This was a video from about 8 weeks into prep: Prep was going great up until about the 12 week mark, when I got a wicked bout of stomach flu for about a week and a half, lost some muscle, and my metabolism tanked from pretty much no food for a week and a half. Put on a little fat when I was finally able to eat again, so spent about 6 weeks slashing cals to try and lose some more fat, but we realized my body was just having none of it, so spent the last 2 weeks with increased cals to try and reset my metabolism.

Decided now that we got that issue fixed I will give Micro-PA a shot to give it everything I have for NGA titan classic in 9 weeks.

Been using Micro-PA for about 5 days now. First thing I notice, marked increase in appetite!

Hmm, been getting a few, “You look bigger” comments in the past couple of days, even though the weight on the scale is dropping.

Oh and another thing I have noticed… crazy forearm pumps for no apparent reason.

My scale weight actually went up a few pounds but then it stabilized. My guess is much improved glycogen retention.

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