TheKidd's V-Diet Log

I actually started 5 days ago, now on day 6, just got the chance to sit down and start the log. Everything is going well, following the plan to the letter.

Some background:

A good friend of mine introduced me to T-Nation three years ago, he actually taught me a lot about nutrition and fitness. When I met him , he was deeply committed to changing himself and others for the better, especially when it came to eating and lifting During the following year we lifted together and made great progress. I was the skinniest I had ever been in my life since I can remember at 177lbs, with great definition. I was proud of myself and owed most of it to him and T-Nation articles/Biotest.

In October of that year he passed away, natural causes. It did a number on me and everyone we knew. When I sit down and think about it, I have not been able to get back on track since then, although it does not feel like his passing was the reason (I don’t like blaming anything or anyone but myself for my shortcomings/lapses). I just need to get my ass back in gear, I know he’d be disappointed if he saw me now at 231 lbs. (see “before” photos below). Since T-Nation had taught him, and me, so much I knew I could come back here for the much needed kick in the pants.

Sorry, that was a bit long-winded, my measurements, images to follow:

Weight: 231.6lbs
Neck: 14.5"
Chest - Upper: 45"
Chest - Lower: 42 1/8"
Waist - at Navel: 42 3/8"
Waist - at largest: 42 5/8"
Hips - at largest: 46 1/8"
Upper Arm - L: 17 1/4"
Upper Arm - R: 17 5/8"
Upper Leg - L: 29"
Upper Leg - R: 29 3/8"
Lower Leg - L: 15
Lower Leg - R: 15
Ankle - L: 9 1/8"
Ankle - R: 9"

Before Pics

I ate my healthy solid meal yesterday. Usually, if I am doing any time of dieting, a meal late on Saturday would trigger some type of binge-like eating. However, I was very satisfied with the meal and had no want to go back for more food. The v-diet is already a victory in my book if I am break habits like that. What I had:

Baked chicken breast (8oz)
Diced, skillet sweet potatoes
Spinach/Arugula Salad with a bit of vinegar-parmesean dressing

The sweet potatoes were awesome.

Lookin forward to following… I just started my V-Diet as well

Stay positive

Thanks alot. I did the first V-burn challenge today, beginner. Way out of shape, struggled on the pike push-ups but kept a good pace. 14 minutes and 58 seconds. Going to crush that time next week.

Woke up at 6:20am feeling good this Day 9 morning. The diet plan is getting much easier to follow, I find that I look forward to my dinner shake each day. It has been a week since I took measurements, here is the updated data set:

Notables: Lost 7 pounds so far. Down over an inch at both waist measurements as well as almost 1 inch at the hips. Lost a bit from the arms too. Definitely excited about the progress, going to keep pushing strong.

Weight: 224.6 lbs.
Neck: 14.5"
Chest - Upper: 45"
Chest - Lower: 43"
Waist - at Navel: 41"
Waist - at largest: 41.5"
Hips - at largest: 45 3/8"
Upper Arm - L: 17 1/8"
Upper Arm - R: 17 1/4"
Upper Leg - L: 28 5/8"
Upper Leg - R: 29"
Lower Leg - L: 15"
Lower Leg - R: 14 3/4"
Ankle - L : 9 1/2"
Ankle - R: 9 1/2"

On day 15, still going strong. Weighed myself this morning, 222.2, down 9.4 lbs total. Pretty excited about that. New measurements:

Weight: 222.2 lbs.
Neck: 14.5"
Chest - Upper: 44 5/8"
Chest - Lower: 43 3/4"
Waist - at Navel: 40 3/8"
Waist - at largest: 40 7/8"
Hips - at largest: 45 1/4"
Upper Arm - L: 17"
Upper Arm - R: 16 5/8"
Upper Leg - L: 28 3/8"
Upper Leg - R: 28 1/2"
Lower Leg - L: 15 1/8"
Lower Leg - R: 15"
Ankle - L : 9 5/8"
Ankle - R: 9 3/8"

Net 5.125 inch loss overall so good progress, most from my waist. I will post pictures later, cannot really see a difference. Clothes are fitting much better and I feel great; it’s about those intangibles sometimes.

Very good! you are past half way now :slight_smile:

Thanks infected. I weighed myself this morning, no good reason, just because the scale was there. Down to 218.8 from 231.6, for a total of 12.8 lbs. Definitely encouraging, but we’ll see what the tape says on Monday. I feel lighter, sleep better, wake up easier and am way more productive during the day.

I think I will max out the HOT-ROX doses. I have been taking 3 per day and doing well with them, so I will try the full 4 per day (2 twice a day) according to the label. Healthy solid meal coming up this Saturday, any favorites people have? I have a ton of recipes from the forum but just wondering.

The shakes are much easier now at Day 18, if I need some flavor I just add a few drops of mint extract. Will be down to the final 10 of the 28 day portion starting tomorrow! Looking to finish off strong.

DAY 22. Entering the final week, going strong. I ended up going out to a bar this past Saturday to meet a few friends, but I had no drinks or random food so I was very proud of myself. However, I did not have my bed time shake, we ended up getting back pretty late.

Anyway, here are my updated measurements from this morning, down 12 inches overall (sum of differences at all points):

Neck 14 1/8
Chest - Upper 44
Chest - Lower 42 5/8
Waist - at Navel 38 5/8
Waist - at largest 39 1/2
Hips - at largest 44 1/8
Upper Arm - L 16 3/4
Upper Arm - R 16 3/8
Upper Leg - L 28 1/4
Upper Leg - R 28 1/4
Lower Leg - L 15
Lower Leg - R 14 3/4
Ankle - L 9 1/2
Ankle - R 9 1/2

Weighed in at 218.2 for a 13.4lb loss overall. Pretty confident going into the final week. My last day coincidences with our Super Bowl party though, so, this should be interesting. I think I will save my HSM for that time, and prepare stuff as well as bring healthy snacks for everyone else.

Day 30. Strict portion is over, happy to have an HSM every day now. I have updated measurements and pictures below. I am happy with the progress so far, definitely not done yet. Clothes are fitting much better and I feel better. My mentality is more focused, I don’t really have hankerings for crap that I used to eat (i.e. General Tso’s chicken). All in all really happy with the program. I am going to lose more within the coming weeks, so I will keep updating because it does help.

4 weeks Difference
Weight 214 13.4
Neck 14 1/4 - 1/4
Chest - Upper 44 -1
Chest - Lower 41 3/8 - 3/4
Waist - at Navel 38 3/8 -4
Waist - at largest 39 1/4 -3 3/8
Hips - at largest 44 3/8 -1 3/4
Upper Arm - L 16 1/4 -1
Upper Arm - R 16 1/2 -1 1/8
Upper Leg - L 28 -1
Upper Leg - R 28 -1 3/8
Lower Leg - L 15 0
Lower Leg - R 14 1/2 - 1/2
Ankle - L 9 1/2 3/8
Ankle - R 9 1/2 1/2

Net -15.25

Here are pics taken this morning. I can definitely feel a difference with how clothes fit and the measurements are above.

Awesome job man… Props to you!!!

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