TheChits Before and After


Hope you guys can open the powerpoint. If not please let me know…

Day 1- 276.2

Day 28- 260.0

Day 1 Navel- 42.5

Day 28- Navel- 38.0

Day 28 was this past Sunday,I am extremely happy with the results, and Im now in my first transition week. I have really been watching what I eat and have not gained ANY weight back… In fact this morning I was 259.5 which is a huge confidence booster for me, becuase I was so worried about gaining 4 or 5 lbs back pretty quickly…

Bottom line is that if you STICK to the V-DIET then YOU WILL LOSE the weight that you want to lose. Hardest thing Ive ever done from a mental aspect, but Im better in everyway because of it.

Thanks Chris and friends



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You did a good job. Looks like you lost quite a bit of fat in the outer areas of the abdomen.
How tall are you? You have to be fairly tall to weigh as much as you do and look like that (not uber fat).