The2pin's V-Diet Log

I started the diet this morning. I worked hard on my deadlift this winter, and gained about 10 pounds of weight. I hit my deadlift goal (450), and now it’s time to get healthy and back in shape for summer.

Begin date: 4/25/10
End date: 5/21/10 [26 days]

Begin weight: 199.8
End goal: <180

Workout: three times a week I will be doing EDT-style training. If I find I don’t have the energy for that, I’ll shift to the intermediate level workouts.

Today: I found that it was difficult for me to focus today. I was able to control my hunger reasonably well, but I need to find a way to be more productive at work.

Picture forthcoming.

450 Deadlift sounds very impressive, congrats!

As for the V-Diet, welcome to the team brother. Drink your shakes and you will be fine. Don’t give up.

Thank you for your kind words. I’m going to do the best I can. It is difficult because I recently started dating someone and meals are an important aspect of dating, especially early on. I’m going to try though. I passed up lunch with some co-workers to head home and get in my NEPA walk. Also listening to some great music to get pumped up.

I have been hungry since my first shake, but the hunger hasn’t been too bad. I’m doing a bit better job of focusing at work today.


On the comment on dating, I’ve found you can usually explain it to them and just plan on the dinner whatever night you have you HSM.

Also you can just cook for her on other nights while you have a shake.

450 on deadlift is pretty good, I’ve been stuck at about 425 for awhile so congrats on pushing through that.

[quote]the2pin wrote:
Thank you for your kind words. I’m going to do the best I can. It is difficult because I recently started dating someone and meals are an important aspect of dating, especially early on. I’m going to try though.[/quote]

What is up with all this “try” and “best I can” horseshit? How much do you actually have to “try” to not shovel food into your mouth? Its not like you’re going out to “try” to dunk a basketball, where there may be some things outside of your control. We are talking about the act of taking food off a plate with a fork, and putting it into your mouth. How hard is that to NOT do–it takes zero effort to NOT do something.

If you think you’re going to have to “try” to do “the best you can”, you chose the wrong fucking diet. Man up and do work.

“Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’”

Day 2:

VTBalla, I appreciate your enthusiasm. I don’t work a job or live the sort of life that I have complete control of my time. That said, I am going to try. I am going to post pictures soon so T-Nation can share in my progress.

I have been hungry this afternoon. Does anyone have any thoughts on when hunger pangs, etc, tend to get better? I will start with the HOT-ROX tomorrow; hopefully those will help.

Is the first week usually the worst?

40 minutes today at level 6.0 for my NEPA walk.

Sincere thanks to whomever posted the suggestion about baking the protein into cookies and coating them with a bit of peanut butter – so good!

Day 3:

Hunger has been fine so far today. I spent a lot of time last night reading about other peoples’ experiences on this diet, and I’m expecting the next 3-5 days to be tough. So far I have been able to stay strong; met with a good buddy at the bar last night, but only drank water. I’m also doing fine at work today – I think the HOT-ROX are really helping to take the edge off of the hunger.

I’m going to start mixing in sugar-free flavoring/cinnamon next week.

My healthy meal will come at some point between tomorrow (day 4) and Sunday night (day 7), depending on when my date wants to get together. There are some social constructs that are important to preserve.

Pictures will be posted tonight. I wish I was able to get a better “before,” because I’m already seeing visual differences and am likely down about 5 lbs.

We should end about the same time, excited to see where we both go. You seem to have the mindset down on how to do it.

On the hunger issues, as you’ve already noticed, they subside. About day 11 was always the worst for me, I’d just feel terrible and wanna quit but if you push through to that second HSM you are in the clear. Once you are over 50% done why would you not go all the way =]

Higgins –

Thanks for your post; I’m going to start to follow your log as well. Based on what I saw, it looks like we’re in a pretty similar place in terms of lifts and physique as well. I’m also looking to get back to where I was a couple years ago, at a lean 180 lbs. If I can do that or come very close, I’ll be happy. Another nice thing about this diet is that it gives me something to motivate myself. In the six months or so prior to this diet I hadn’t been very disciplined in or eager to go to the gym.

Pictures enclosed. I’m a bit upset that I wasn’t able to take pictures prior to starting the diet (my camera was elsewhere), as I think I have already lost a bit of water weight. In any event, here they are.

Training: Today I am going to do a 15-minute EDT with body-weight dips and rows (100 lbs, probably). I’m going to do arms after that and then the ab rollout. I’m going to sip Surge throughout.

I got a little bit light headed late this afternoon, so I’m hoping the carbs mellow out my system.


Day 4 –

I made the protein cookies again last night with only protein and water and a scoop of peanut-butter for toping. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t eat these each day? For example, does the heat do anything to the nutritional value of the protein?

As I suspected, and because I partied on the weekend prior to starting the diet, my weight has declined dramatically. I weighed myself this morning because I’m scheduled to go to dinner w/ a girl I’m dating tonight. My HSM on day 4 probably isn’t ideal. Oh well.

Starting weight: 199.8
Morning day 4: 192.2
Total lost: 7.6 in 3 days!

To be fair, I was probably at around 195 before my weekend binge, but I’m still extremely excited with the progress so far.

I had a good workout last night. I did 15 minutes of EDT with body-weight dips (got difficult at the end) and rows with 100lbs (easy), and did 5 reps throughout the 15 minutes for a total of 22 sets. Tonight I plan to do approximately 45 minutes of NEPA tonight at 4-4.4 MPH on an incline of 6-10.

I appreciate the support from everyone!


Dinner has been rescheduled for tomorrow night; HSM will be my 5th night. As for today, I haven’t been as hungry and HOT-ROX is definitely helping. I’ve also had a decent but not spectacular day at work.* However, I am getting to the point where I want to eat something delicious, simply because it’s pleasurable to do so.


  • One’s sense of smell is particularly acute on this diet. It’s amazing.
  • If anyone is following this log and has an intense office job (lots of pressure and/or lots of hours) or has an important exam coming up, tread lightly. Mental focus is absolutely an issue.

Despite all of that, great results so far.

How do you make the cookies and which flavors?

Tonight I did 40 minutes on the bike, followed by 15 minutes in the sauna. I generally hit the sauna for about 10 minutes after each workout to stretch and cool down.

Higgins – I’ve been pretty lame so far and haven’t branched out much. I use a non-stick pan with a little Pam spray (flavorless), throw in two scoops of protein and a little water, turn the oven to 250 and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. It comes out semi-hard and breaks down pretty easily, but after I top it with a little peanut butter it’s pretty good. Close enough to real food for my liking.

I’m going to absolutely devour my meal tomorrow night, though I plan to stay strong and have chicken or fish with vegetables. I want to be true to the diet despite the fact I’m not in this thing for any behavioral changes.


Week one side shot. This is from three days into the diet.

Day 5:

Bad news, in terms of the diet. I got a call late this morning from my head boss, who wanted to have lunch. This was fantastic news in terms of my career, but I obviously had lunch with him. I had steak and a squash caserole – not the best, but it was the best option at this fried food joint. I’m also probably going to have dinner tonight with a girl I’ve been dating. I’ll try to have chicken and vegetables.

That makes 2 HSM’s today. Unfortunate.

I will only weigh myself once each week, but I wanted to weigh myself this morning since I knew I’d be eating my HSM at some point.

Current weight (prior to HSM1: 191.2
Starting weight: 199.8
Total loss: 8.6 lbs.

Fantastic results for only five days. I’m going to have a very rigorous workout tonight – deadlifts and pushups for my EDT – so hopefully I can burn off some of the deleterios effects of the food.



Seeing we started about the same time, about the same “structure” and strength. What kind of challenge do you think we can put together?

I mean, I’m obviously gonna lose more weight/inches so we can’t do that, it isn’t fair to you =D

Hey man, you are correct. Sense of smell is intense.

I’m glad you said something about focus because I am experiencing the same thing. I was used to drinking energy drinks especially 5 hour energy everyday but can’t on this program because of the small amount of calories. I do have a ton of energy and don’t miss the 5 hour, but I wonder is I should supplement with those B vitamins that help mental function. Thoughts anyone on the extra vitamins?

Also, there have been a few times in the last couple of weeks that I have felt sick to my stomach in the morning. The doctor ruled out pregnacy…LOL hehe…very unusual for me to feel sick to my stomach…you having any of that go on?

My guess is that your office got together and asked to boss to invite you to lunch…assholes! I know my office is doing their best to “support” me…NOT.

Good job dude.


Day 6:

The weekend! I actually was able to have my shake for dinner last night, so I was able to navigate the one HSM for the week effectively according to the diet.

I’m feeling a bit hungry this morning, but the hunger serves to heighten my senses and focus my effort – not necessarily a bad thing.

STONER – It’s strange because I’m very energetic on the diet, I just have difficulty focusing on higher level mental tasks. I’m also probably more anxious on the diet. In the coming weeks I’m sure I’ll also be a bit (a lot?) more difficult to deal with; low carb diets tend to do that to people.

HIGGINS – I’m game for a gentleman’s bet. I’m much more apt to deviate from the diet – with a new potential girlfriend, etc, etc – but I still think I’ll be tough to beat. I’m a former wrestler so I’m pretty attuned to my body, my weight, etc. In any event, if we keep it up we’ll both be winners. I’ll check in on your progress later tonight.


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