The WIneFat Manifesto


Shugs, down in Laguna Beach this past four days for some sun, surf and food. Keeping calories and macros mellow during the day then going out to dinners and eating some more carbier meals/dessert at night. I was pondering the addition of 1-3 glasses of wine with these meals. By addding in the alcohol does this mean permanent fat storage absolutely? Considering one is realtively low body fat at 10%…as wine or alcohol is mixed in with food…in this case excess calories on these days more than the daily norm.


On the other hand, doing this for 3 or 4 days probably will have no effect besides being bloated. Since monday back into the low carb swing. Just wondering about the alcohol and food mixing…and the theoretical result that would ensue.


Well, one thing alcohol does in inhibit fat loss while it’s “in you” so to speak. And things like beer can decrease T levels and push fat storage toward your belly.

But wine is better. It’s not liquid grains after all.

I like the occasional glass of wine. Just don’t get tossed several days a week!