The Wardo's Journey

Woohoo, my parcel finally arrived and my journey begins on Monday, 18th May. This is the first time I’ve ever attempted something so extreme (for lack of a better word) but I’m looking forward to the self discipline I’m going to have. In the past I’ve done well with my eating habits for a while then it’s all went the way of the pear so to speak (much like my body).

I’ll post my stats but on Sunday night along with the ever dreaded before pictures

I’m looking forward to this and just need to workout what time I’m going to take each of my shakes. I think that 28 days is a small sacrifice to make to achieved life long health.

Scotland in da house! (I’ve always wanted to say that for some reason.)

Welcome aboard. Any specific questions for me, be sure to post them in the “Ask Chris” thread so I’ll be sure to see them.

Can I just ask: why ‘wardo’? It’s nothing funny, I’m just curious becuase it’s nearly my surname!

Good luck on the v-diet, I’m in week two now, it’s ok - you will get great results from it!

Lol, it is my surname with a O added onto the end hehe

Sorry for the late post guys, I’ve been away from computer access for a couple of days.

I have all my measurements on a notepad at home and will post them along with the ever dreaded before pictures tonight once home from work.

Day 1

Started off disastrously, blended the breakfast shake up, gulped it down then as soon as it went down it came right back up. I tasted something very very very sour and I think this is what contributed to it.

Has anyone ever experienced this, if so, how did you get past it?

The rest of the shakes and supplements following no problem at all.

Didn’t feel hungry at all which is not what I expected.

As I was in meetings about 300miles from home, I didn’t make it to the gym, so Iâ??m going there Tuesday during my lunch break to start with the v-diet workout.

Day 2

I had the worst headache from about 1.30pm until I went to bed about 10pm, is this is a side effect of the diet?

I’ve decided that the L-Leucine isn’t for me, it makes me gag everytime I drink it so have placed an order from BCAA’s to replace, I seen in another thread Chris says this is ok.

Because of the headache I did not want to spend time in front of the PC so the stats and photo’s will be uploaded tonight (once I get home from work)

Got all my shakes in and made it to the gym. The workout looks a look easier that it actually is, I was shattered afterwards. Woke up this morning (day 3) and both my shoulders seem to be suffering doms.

Keep strong. The first time I did this, I had headaches as well but found that if I spaced my shakes to every couple of hours it helped. Also, are you taking the HOT-ROX? If so, are you used to using stimulants of this sort? It could very well be a bi-product. On the leucine, are you trying to mix it in a shake or drink it? I have found that just tossing the scoop directly into my mouth and chasing it down with water works best. I started the diet on the 18th as well so I will keep an eye on your blog. Don’t forget that this is possible. Many have completed it before you and Chris keeps making it more effective, hang in there.

Seriously??? With the Leucine, put it in the shake - you can’t even taste it. That’s how it’s supposed to be done, I’m not talking crazy stuff here.

Could be what NeedsResults says.

Another thing is depends on your carb intake before the diet. A lot of people get headaches when they initially go low carb but it goes away after your body adjusts.

Disastour struck on my 3rd day, not in terms that I wanted to fall off the diet more in terms that I had a nice little car accident and have just been released from hospital today (Monday) with a handy set of crutches.

Really frustrated.

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