The Velocity of Life Meets the V-Diet

So, I’ve been on and off T-Nation for a while… used a few programs here and there (mainly Chad Waterbury’s stuff), but you really couldn’t tell by looking at me…

I remember reading about Chris Shugart’s first experience with the V-Diet and I was intrigued to say the least. I would look at the supplement stack and tell myself any number of excuses… I can do this through just good clean eating (fail), I can do this through stuff at GNC (fail), etc…

Last summer I was at a typical family summer vacation at Myrtle Beach, SC and I was nearly embarrassed to take off my shirt at the beach/pool. I had become one of those dads… relatively strong compared to most guys my age, but a belly that just was embarassing.

Again, I looked at the V-Diet and was happy to find that you could now hit one button and order the entire supplement stack, but I again justified away that I could do it on my own… epic fail.

So here I am.

FEDEX says my V-Diet package will be here on Wednesday. Week 4 of this journey will again happen during a family vacation, at a water park, and even though my kids won’t really notice (they are 5 and 7), and my wife says that it doesnt matter (the female equivalent of saying that you don’t mind that she’s put on a few pounds)… I am looking forward to this challenge with absolute focused determination.

I am pissed off at myself… I am angry at the world for what is ‘advertised’ that we should be eating… In the end I have no illusions, this will be difficult, but I thrive in difficult situations.

I a 38 year old Army Infantry officer, I command an Airborne Infantry company at Fort Bragg. While my paratroopers are generally in decent physical shape (which I am not in bad shape), I miss daily physical training too often, sacraficed to things like preparing for training or worse yet, building endless PowerPoint shows for some arbitrary briefing. I have my own weight room in my company, weights just steps away from my office… no excuse to not follow through…

My family is hooked on junk food. This diet is going to be tough at home (although relatively easy at work)… but I will not fail. There will be no cleaning out of the trash in my house. I will look daily at things like Pop Tarts and Cocoa Puffs… when I get home from a 12-15 hour day of doing what I do I will look at a family meal of large portions of things like spaghetti or McDonalds (an unfortunate staple in my house). Snack time is usually happening when I get home, chips, mixed nuts, etc…

So here I go… six weeks of transformation… I will come out of this successfully. I hope to show my wife (and family) that we eat like crap and help us all refocus… Walk with me, if you will, follow my blog… this will not be a blog of ‘woe is me, my shakes taste like crap’ that is the pennance for years of eating like garbage… I welcome it.

Okay, so today is the Army birthday… a great day to start. Even though I don’t have the supplement stack yet, bad eating is out and I will (which I usually don’t when I am off like today) get my workout in today. Here are my beginning measurements:

wt: 191.5
bf%: 15.5% (tanita digital scale)
neck: 15.75
Shoulders: 46.5
Chest (upper): 42
Chest (lower): 39
Waist: 37.5
Upper Arm (L): 14
Upper Arm ®: 14
Upper Leg (L): 24
Upper Leg ®: 24.25
Lower Leg (L): 16.5
Lower Leg ®: 16.25

The measurements aren’t perfect, I did them by myself… perhaps I can get my wife to help me next week. I wll post the required hideous before pictures later.

Okay… here goes… these pictures are from last Sunday, after my weight and measurements. I had been meaning to post these before I started posting any real diet/training blogs stuff…

Another view…

And finally…

OKay, so there I am in all my love-handle glory! I will re-weight tomorrow (Sunday) and see where I am. Here is my V-Diet experience so far:

Monday and Tuesday (V Day -2 and -1) I didn’t have the supplements yet, so I ate as clean as possible and got some decent workouts in.

On Monday it was Plyo X and Ab Ripper X (from P90X). I was at home as we had the day off for Flag Day / Army Birthday.

We run a lot in the Army, especially in the Airborne community. I won’t bo doing that much for the next 28 days, but on Tuesday I ran with a good friend of mine and he led me at a blistering pace for about 4 miles. That was definatley a good adios to running (which I really dislike) for a month.

I got home Tuesday night to find two boxes from Biotest… I ripped them open and was amazed at

(1) the amount of supplements that I had actually ordered,

(2) that there really wasn’t much there for 28 days!

Funny was my little boy (5 years old) who was real curious about all the stuff. I tried to Barney it down a bit so he could understand what I was doing. He got real ecited and said that he wanted big muscles too and wanted to try a “shake” (which to him is something from McDonalds). I grabbed a scoop of Metabolic Drive, mixed it up and let him taste… the look on his face was priceless. There will be no “shakes” for him in the near future!

Sidebar: anyone have any good ideas for kids as far as shakes and intro to training? I have looked at Crossfit Kids and its not too bad gasp… I mentioned the evil Crossfit. But has anyone come across anything else?

So V-Day came… Wednesday, I jumped with both feet.

I am doing the intermediate work-out and it… was… AWESOME! I had forgotten how challenging Coach Waterbury’s plans can be, and how quick they go by if you stick to his recommended work/rest periods!

I hit all the marks as far as the nutrition parts of the diet and was pretty damn full all day which was nice. After reading horror stories about the tast of Strawberry M-Drive, Superfood, etc… I was pleased to find that everything tastes just fine.

Meal planning is a bit difficult due to my schedule which generally looks like this:

0430 wake up and rush to work
0500 - 0630 answer 1,000,000… e-mails and prep for the days training
0630 - 0800 is our physical training block (its nice to get paid for an hour and a half of trainnig time a day… makes me sick how many people in the Army are out of shape and, yes fat)

Then from about 0830 until I come up for air at about 6 p.m. it is training, meetings, dealing with issues andy amount of stuff you can imagine.

What I have come up with is that I blend a shake before going to work (which I don’t drink 'till later), take HOT-ROX and water for the drive to work. I chug some of the pre-blended shake before PT then go lift. Immediatley after lifting is Surge as directed. Followed (about 20 min later) by the rest of the shake I made before going to work.

One nice things on this day… sitting in the mess hall with some friends watching them eat (I was full up on my breakfast shake). It validated for me that I could still enjoy the social aspects of dining as long as I time my shakes properly.

I was suprised at how much total intake that was! Through the rest of the day it wasn’t too hard to stay on track.

Thursday was a bit tougher… some hunger pangs here and there.

It didn’t help that I got a phone call at 0300 telling me that I had a soldier in jail in Florida, to which my first reply was, “He was here (North Carolina) yesterday, what the hell is he doing in Florida?” Anyway…

I powered through nutritional challenges and had no issues other than as I said, the ocassional hunger pang. Easily solved by drinking water and calling myself a p*ssy.

NEPA was difficult to get it. I am fortunate that I pretty much do NEPA all day long as I walk everywhere, but I was looking for the dedicated time. What I got was mowing my grass (push mower, no power) when I got home… not the best, but at least it was something.

Toughest thing today was coming home. My wife had some stuff to do, so as I got home, she left and I was serving the kids their usual fare of cheese puffs and Doritos… killin’ me!

Keep it up, you’ll destroy this thing.

Friday (yesterday) SUCKED!

I woke up, made my shake as normal, got to work, did my thing, went to work out.

I was doing day three (Deadlifts, Decline Press, Pull-Ups, Hand Walk-outs). Deads and Presses went well (I love deadlifts). I went out to our pull-up bars to do pull-ups and the hand walk-outs and my boss was there finishing his pull-up work-out and he decided to want to talk about my guy in jail in Florida… by the time we were done talking, it was time to get dressed as I had a meeting at 0930… no pull-ups or hand walk-outs (which I had planned to do at home).

I got to my office, chugged Surge, got dressed, and slammed my breakfast shake… all in about 30 minutes.

I then sat in a meeting until lunch time. I had another briefing to go to an hour later, so I ran back to my office, chugged a lunch shake and was off again.

Well, one thing led to another and I found myself at 4 p.m. racing home to change into normal clothes to head to a unit social function. I had only had those two shakes, so I elected to have my HSM at the social function… or at least my SM as there was little H to be had at a German restaurant. I didn’t overeat, but chicken schnitzel and pommes frits were the order of the day for our meal.

I got home, and pretty much went to bed. V Day +3 FAIL (2 shakes, 1 solid meal).

So here it is Saturday morning. I weighed myself this morning and I am the same I was yesterday morning. I will post full data tomorrow, but I am back from yesterday’s abyss… HOT-ROX surging through my body looking forward to a little V-Burn Challenge.

First shot at the V-Burn challenge. It was a smoker! I decided to do it outside… where it was 85 degrees and 78% humidity!

I completed it in 34:45
Avg heart rate: 152
Max heart rate: 173

V-Burn Challenge aftermath!

My kids love the shakes. Especially the banana cream. I bought them each one of those half shaker bottles, and they each have a shake each morning. Crossfit kids is good for teaching the fundamentals of the major lifts. I run mine (ages 6-6-4) through a workout a couple of times a week. They really enjoy it. My 4 year old can hold the plank pose for over a minute. She also kicks the boys butts on box jumps, and ring rows. I think they would rather be boxing. (which is something else that kids love to do, and is a great workout.) Get a heavy bag, and some of those small everlast fingerless gel gloves, then let him go at it.

So… week 1 results:

Weight: 189 (-3 lbs)
waist: 36 (-1.5 in)

Not too shabby for only truly V-Dieting since Wednesday (4 days). I am not going to measure again until next Sunday so hopefully that will be a bit more drastic in the results catagory.

I am a bit worried about the upcoming week… I will be in the field conducting training. Monday won’t be too bad, we aren’t leaving until late afternoon, and Friday should be fine as we are returning late Thursday night.

However, Tuesday through Thursday is going to be challenging to say the least. I’ll get all me workouts in (being the commander, I can come in real quick on Wednesday morning), but the shakes are going to be tough… I’ve got some ideas, we’ll see how it goes.

Whatever happens, just don’t get derailed!

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