The Velocity Diet

I haven’t been on these pages in forever…I am wanting to start the Velocity Diet…I am 5’1" and am weighing 158 pounds…yep 158…anyways…i thought the diet would be a good way to start out losing this weight…however I am running into a major problem here…the Metabolic Drive that is required contains milk which I am allergic to. Is there anything that I can replace it with? Please help!

If your allergic to some protein component in milk, then you probably can’t use MD since it contains some milk proteins. There are no alternatives that can be used with success.

Lots of good solid food diet plans here on TMuscle and FigureAthlete though. Just search the archives for a plan that best fits your needs. Use one of those with HOT-ROX and a good training program and you’ll reach your goals.

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