The Velocity Diet, Take Two (kinda)


I have been on this road before, with some interesting results.

I tried this diet a few years ago. I will admit I wasn’t dedicated enough to see it through, and I never completed. 2 years ago, though, I suffered a broken jaw and was on a liquid diet. I thought of Velocity, and used VDiet to get through my injury - and start my weight loss transformation.

Starting then, I lost what is now about 100 pounds, cleaned up my food, lifestyle habits, etc - and started a decent muscle building routine. I am very happy with the progress I’ve made, but while no longer OMG fat, I am nowhere near tight or defined, and it’s time to do something about that.
So: my before photo, and also where I am starting this time.


day 4 now? how is it going this time around


Hey - Thanks for the note; I have been slow getting back here. Today is day 9, I guess.

Starting weight: 238.5. Weight yesterday: 232.6 Hell yeah.

Thoughts on week one of the diet: food and feeling full and all that is great. I am a little too excited about the natural nut butter at the end of very day (it’s one of my favorite foods), but I have been feeling pretty good about the food and being able to stick to the diet. No real hunger pangs or anything.

The first VBurn was really hard, but that is to be expected. I have been doing mostly bodybuilding-type exercises for the last year, and VBurn’s hardass (well, it’s hard for me) cardio routine is a game-changer. It took me 48 minutes, and that was with some breaks I know I wasn’t supposed to take. Of all the exercises, the single-leg deadliest feels the worst. My balance is so bad that I don’t feel I can do much besides barely start to dip into the exercise; I am not sure if I am getting the right workout out of it, and I know I am not really doing the whole range of motion. But, I completed the whole VBurn, and it will only get better, right?


My friend that did the V-Diet said that the nut butter in the evening shake was teh best part of the diet. Thats funny. keep on keeping on congrats on your progress so far