The Velocity Diet, Fiber, and You

I have seen something come up a few times so I just wanted to start a new thread about it so newcomers to the diet can find it without reading through all the logs.

The original V-Diet plan had you getting most of your fiber through milled flaxseed (the rest from Metabolic Drive and Surge I think). However, if you look at the newest version (as of June 2008) Chris recommends also using Fiber Choice tablets. Let me give you my experience with this.

The first time I did this I did it the way it was written, taking 8 Tbsp per day. Maybe it was just me but I can tell you that I didn’t have a solid bowel movement for the entire 28 days and that was seriously not fun at all, probably the worst part of the diet. And once the diet was over I had a case of hemorrhoids, most likely due to straining through trying to get out something that wasn’t there. I know it’s not the most pleasant topic to discuss but it’s something everyone should know and consider when planning their V-Diet.

However, this time around I am only taking 4 Tbsp of Flaxseed per day and 5 Fiber Choice tabs and I have had a solid bowel movement every day (on day 9 currently). Granted, it’s not like it was before I started the diet but it’s 100% better than last time. An added bonus is the Fiber Choice tabs give you something to chew on, which I’ve come to enjoy.

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