The V-Diet Begins

Starting Monday, April 13. I have been preparing/discussing this w/ my trainer, D_Frappier. My game plan starting today: 2 solid healthy meals, 3 MD shakes. Ready and focused for the 13th.

Info: 46.5 years old, married, 2 children; Attorney working crazy hours.

Got back into the swing of things about 12 months ago, started training w/ D_Frappier. He swore by this site and the products offered. I followed his advice, started training and taking some of the products. I got stronger, lost weight and body fat. Challenge now is to cut up and see my ABS.

About 28 years ago, I was diagnosed w/ ulcerative colitis. No pun intended but it kicked the shit out of me. I chose to have the disease removed which required the removal of my large intestine. Since then, I was unable to take a protein powder, training powder without it causing the runs and bloating. However, I have never had a problem w/ MD - it is awesome.

Will be posting measurements on Sunday.

Question: on the V-Diet can I drink plain green tea? chew sugarless bubblegum?

Great avatar Mr. Burchfield Jr. Esq.

Agree, awesome avi.
Plain green tea, as well as any other herbal tea is permitted.
Sugarfree gum still has some cals. “He” says it’s ok in a pinch (a piece or 2 a day and not everyday is what I interpreted it as). And FYI - the classic trident that is wrapped in paper has the least carbs and cals.

Hey! Welcome JB! Congrats on deciding to start the V-Diet! I have to say props to you for getting your training back inline and starting this V-Diet whilst being so busy and having a family. You can do it!

Look forward to your posts,

Welcome JB :wink: Looking forward to your stats and progression. I’m sure you’ll see those ABS!


thanks for the support. First V -Challenge,weight in and measurements tomorrow w/ D_Frappier.

2 hsm and 3 Metabolic Drive shakes good prep for V-Diet. Gives on a better understanding about what the journey will be.

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