The V-Burn Is Tough - Why No Surge?


I know the v-burn isn’t as INTENSE as working out or a typical HIT session, but I was quite out of breath by the time I was finished and I was wondering why you don’t want to do the Surge after? If you have to talk scientific and overhead my head, please do say, I can google the stuff I don’t understand!


No worries. The answer is basically this: Surge Recovery is all about fixing the muscles after they’ve been broken down by heavy weights and intense lifting. The V-Diet doesn’t have any real weight training. It’s more like “cardio.”


Why is “cardio” ok on V-Burn day and yet to despised the other 6days of the week on the V-Diet?


Excess cardio, especially the long duration “jogging” variety, leads to muscle loss and metabolism damage when coupled with an already low-calroie diet. Plus, it’s just not that effective compared to V-Burn and HIIT style work.